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These images are associated with papers presented at the 2011 March Meeting. Image credit format is on each image information page.

March Meeting Scientific Program
The 2011 March Meeting Bulletin of the American Physical Society, also called the Scientific Program, is a listing of all abstract presentation sessions at the March Meeting.

Atomic Transistors


Microscopic look of the surface of gallium arsenide.

Spin Kaleidoscope


Quantum interference pattern on the surface of a topological insulator.

Fewer Genetic Options are Better for E. Coli


Dormant genes are often thought to come into play under stressful conditions, but new simulations show that too many genetic options could be detrimental for the microbe E. coli.

Four Qubits on One Chip


A computer chip with four superconducting qubits.

First Superconducting Magnet


World’s first superconducting magnet created in Leiden, The Netherlands, in 1912.

A Coil for a Collider


Superconducting coil for future energy colliders

Mussel Inspired Sticky Gels


Natural adhesives, including the glue produced by shellfish like this mussel, have remarkable properties that researchers are now duplicating in the lab.

Sea Urchin Teeth


Close up of the bridges that connect sea urchin teeth.

Entangling Billions of Qubits


Ten billion qubits are entangled in this tiny cube of silicon.

Molecular Transistor


Physicists have made what they believe to be the first true single molecule transistor.

Surface Folds


Sulci, sharply creased surface folds, are found in soft materials like bread or an infant’s arm.

Stalactite Meets Stalagmite


Scientists measure the electrical properties of individual nanowires (green) by manipulating and positioning a conductive tip (blue).

Fluid Thread Patterns


Simulations and experiments show how the speed of a conveyor belt changes the patterns created when a fluid stream trickles onto the belt.

Human Genome Folding


Fractal globule models the way the human genome folds inside the nucleus of a cell.

Graphene Quilt


Graphene properties illustrated in a quilt.

Hollow Atoms


Physicists have removed the inner electrons from neon with a high energy X ray laser, leaving behind a hollow atom shell.

Spin Ice Monopoles


Physicists have made analogues of magnetic monopoles in spin ice.

Bundle of Tiny Carbon Nanotubes


Crystal-like carbon nanotubes could serve as wiring for future computers.

Solar Cell Enhancement


Caption: Molecules that convert light from one color to another could improve the efficiency of solar cells, provided researchers can find better ways to handle them.

Re-Mapping Stock Exchanges


Mapping ideal locations worldwide for computerized financial stock trading.

Biological Markings in Plant Cells


Plant cells tagged with nanoparticles

Superconducting Crystals


Synthetic crystals of mercury-based, high-temperature superconductors

Bismuth Atoms as Quantum Bits


A bismuth atom, seen here in a slice of silicon crystal, makes an excellent quantum bit.

Corrugated Nano-Ribbons


Nano ribbons form a perfect one dimensional grating.

Deadzone in a Granular Jet Impact


A blue deadzone forms in the cross section of a granular jet striking a target.

Tiny Optical Antennas


Microscopic antennas, including one similar to the much larger TV antennas that once sprouted from many rooftops.

Striped Superconductors


The psychedelic image above is a graphical summary of a theory describing striped superconductors.

Crystallized Barium Ions


Ten barium ions are trapped and cooled with lasers to produce a crystal-like structure suspended in space.