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Journalists wishing information about the 2010 March Meeting in Portland, Oregon, or who wish to receive on-going research news, physics tips, and advisories, contact should contact APS Media Relations.

2010 Press Releases

A "Periodic Table" of Biosensors
A Nanoscale Bean-Counter for Viruses
AC/DC Power Converter as Wide as a Human Hair
Blood Clot Glue
Cooperation, Cheating, and the Games that Yeast Play
Heroines of Modern Physics
Highlighted Sessions
Infrared Pictures with a Digital Camera
Magnetic Tuberculosis Detector
Nanotube Toxicity
New Technique for Measuring the Strength of a Cell
Optimization and Biological Physics
Press Conference Schedule
Solar Cells and Cities of The Future
Solid Metal Batteries
The Flow of Particles in a Room
Topological Insulators
Using DNA as Building Blocks
World's Fastest Transistors