Quantum Multifractality

March Meeting 2010

The multifractal patterns observed by STM in the electron probability density of Mn-doped GaAs close to the metal insulator transition

Pedram Roushan
Brian Zhou
David Huse
Ali Yazdani

Department of Physics
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

Anthony Richardella
Department of Physics
Princeton University
Department of Physics
Penn State University

Shawn Mack
David Awschalom
Department of Physics
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California

Quantum Multifractality

Artistic rendition of the multifractal patterns observed in the electron probability density of a disordered material. The pattern is from scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) of the ferromagnetic semiconductor Ga1-xMnxAs close to the critical point where the material undergoes the transition from a metal to an insulator. Known as a Mott-Anderson transition, this material exhibits strong electron-electron correlations that appear vital to the formation of these patterns.


Richardella et al., Science 327, 665 (2010)

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Reporters may freely use this image as long as they include the following credit: "Image courtesy of P. Roushan and A. Yazdani/Princeton University".

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