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These images are associated with papers presented at the 2010 March Meeting. Usage permission is given on each image information page.

March Meeting Scientific Program
The 2010 March Meeting Bulletin of the American Physical Society, also called the Scientific Program, is a listing of all abstract presentation sessions at the March Meeting.

Damage and Fluctuations Induce Loops in Optimal Transport Networks


Fluorescent dye bypasses an injury on the main vein of a dicotyledonous leaf.

Liquid Water in Protein Crystals at 130 K


Water confined in the solvent channels of a protein crystal shows evidence for liquid phase of water at cryogenic temperatures (~ 130 K).

Quintuple emulsions formed with microfluidics


Water drops within oil drops within water drops within oil drops within water drops dispersed in an oil carrier fluid.

All-Electronic High-Throughput Nanoparticle Detector


Optical micrograph of the nanoparticle detector and fluidic network

Auger Recombination in Nitride Semiconductors


Schematic representation of recombination in a nitride semiconductor

Strain Fields of a Buckled Silicon Nitride Membrane


Phase contrast image of a fabricated nanocalorimeter buckling under the tensile stress of a biaxially-oriented IBAD MgO film.

Stuck in the Middle: Thin Layers of Phytoplankton


Strong variations in marine currents form a watery trap for phytoplankton cells on their daily commute to the Ocean's surface.

Better Chemistry Through Quantum


Quantum chemistry on a photonic quantum computer

The Multiscale Human Mobility Network


Visualization of human mobility networks showing short-range multimodal transportation and airline connections worldwide.

Gravitational Radiation in a Binary Black Hole Merger


Volume rendering of the gravitational radiation generated during the merger of a binary black hole system

Simulating Influenza 2009 (H1N1)pdm


Visualization of the global spread of influenza based on human mobility

Structures in the Noise Fluctuations


Noise fluctuations reveal quantum phases in ultra-cold atom systems

Nanoscale Pyramids on Silicon


Chemical etching can spontaneously transform a flat silicon surface into one consisting of nanoscale facets

Quantum Multifractality


The multifractal patterns observed by STM in the electron probability density of Mn-doped GaAs close to the metal insulator transition

A “Nose” Style Sensor Using DNA and Graphene


A cartoon of a chemical sensor made from DNA and graphene

Topological Defects in Graphene: Dislocations and Grain Boundaries


Atomic structure of a grain boundary in graphene composed of dislocations, pairs of adjacent five- and seven-membered rings in the honeycomb lattice. First-principles calculations show that topological defects in graphene exhibit a rich variety of novel physical properties with potential implications for graphene-based electronics.

Explosion of a Balloon Filled with Hydrogen Gas


Six frames from a high-speed video movie of the explosion of a balloon filled with hydrogen gas.

The Physics of Falling Fruit


Find out why stacked apples seem so stable, but removing the “wrong” apple can lead to a produce-aisle disaster

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer from Thin Liquid Films


Time-resolved image sequence of the laser-induced forward transfer of an ink from a thin liquid film

Non-Euclidean Cloaking for Waves


Light propagation in the cloak, for waves and for rays, with and without the mirror

Electrical Microcircuits Encased within Diamond Crystals


These pictures show tiny electrical microcircuits encased within single crystals of diamond. These circuits are used to measure the physical properties of materials under pressures of up to several million atmospheres

Dislocation Cell Wall Patterns


Cell wall patterns for the relaxed, stress-free state of an initially random distortion

Order and Chaos in the "/." (Slashdot) Body Problem


Spacetime time evolution of a line segment (or slash) and a point mass (or dot)

Direct Frequency Comb Spectroscopy


For broad spectral coverage, ultrahigh spectral resolution, ultrahigh detection sensitivity, and massively parallel detection channels

Simulation of Drainage in a Porous Medium


CFD simulation of the displacement of (transparent) water by air, which is injected through the bottom of the sand sample

Lithium Metal Dendrite in a Polymer Electrolyte


Lithium metal dendrites growing through a polymer electrolyte for battery applications

Efficient Generation of Multiple Electron-Hole Pairs in Carbon Nanotubes


Highly energetic charge carriers (electrons and holes) in a carbon nanotube device

Electron Collision with DPPC Molecules


Electrons colliding with the monolayer of DPPC (1, 2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine) molecules deposited on gold

Beam Splitting in Graphene Junction


Manipulation of electron beam propagation by hetero-dimensional graphene junctions

Swimming Bacteria Power Microscopic Gears


A system of two "engaged" microscopic gears rotating by bacteria in opposite directions

3D Percolation Cluster Accessibility


A three-dimensional percolation cluster with sites colored according to their accessibility to diffusing random walkers

Three-Dimensional Photovoltaics


3D solar cells derived from genetic algorithm optimization largely outperform flat panels of same base area

Geometrically Frustrated Element: Boron


Badwater in Death Valley, California, where borax are found on the ground. The underlying frustrated Ising model for boron in the left, and the geometry of partial occupancy in a boron crystal in the right

ATP Synthase


The world's smallest biological electric motor

A Local Structural Mechanism For Dynamical Arrest


Low-energy clusters of micron-sized colloidal particles form a percolating network causing gelation in an experiment. Gelation is an example of dynamical arrest (vitrification), for which a structural mechanism has long been sought.

Ultrathin Disks


Atomic force microscopy image of ultrathin (~8 nm) disks composed of cross-linker-free poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylic acid) microgel particles adsorbed on glass slides in pH 3.0 buffer

Nano-Volcano on Diamond


Fabricated from single crystal diamond, the "volcano" is an ultrathin (65 nm) suspended diamond shell

Bacteria Hanging by a Thread


Pathogenic bacteria form suspended thread-like biofilms during flow

Encapsulation of Graphene in Phospholipid Membranes


Hybrid graphene-membrane superstructures

How Rosalind Franklin Discovered the Helical Structure of DNA


When illuminated with a laser pointer, a spring of a ballpoint pen produces a diffraction pattern which is similar to the famous Photo 51 of helical DNA