Non-Euclidean Cloaking for Waves

March Meeting 2010

Light propagation in the cloak, for waves and for rays, with and without the mirror


V29.00014: "Non-Euclidean cloaking effect for waves"

Presented Thursday, March 18, 2010

Huanyang Chen
School of Physical Science and Technology
Soochow University
Suzhou, Jiangsu 215006

Tomas Tyc
Institute of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
Masaryk University
Kotlarska 2, 61137 Brno
Czech Republic

C. T. Chan
Department of Physics
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong, China

Ulf Leonhardt
School of Physics and Astronomy, ,
University of St Andrews
North Haugh, St Andrews KY16 9SS
United Kingdom

ImageNon-Euclidean cloaking for waves

Non-Euclidean cloaking was recently proposed, which may be broadband as the coordinate transformation is non-singular. Such a cloak has initially been designed for the regime of geometrical optics (see in (b) without the mirror and (d) with it). We numerically show that the cloaking device can even function in extreme wave optics when the frequencies for which the device works perfectly are quantized related to the spherical harmonics (see in (a) without the mirror and (c) with it). For details, please refer to Refs. [1] and [2].


[1] "Broadband invisibility by non-Euclidean cloaking", by U.Leonhardt, et al., Science 323, 110 (2009).

[2] "Non-Euclidean cloaking for light waves", by T.Tyc, et al.

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