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These videos are associated with papers presented at the 2009 March Meeting. Contact the creator directly for higher resolutions and usage permission.

Scientific Program
The 2009 March Meeting Bulletin of the American Physical Society (BAPS), is also called the Scientific Program. The Scientific Program is a listing of all abstract presentation sessions at the March Meeting.

Magnetic Particle Snake


Magnetic particles suspended between two liquid layers in a magnetic field self assemble into snake like structures based on the movement of waves at the interface between the liquids.

DNA Transistor


A DNA transistor can precisely control the motion of a DNA molecule so that a sequencing device might be created in the future.

Nanoparticles Speed and Stick


A nanoparticle of 30,000 silicon atoms traveling at speeds in excess of 2,000 meters per second undergoes a phase change and sticks to a surface (video 2) that it would otherwise bounce off (video 1).

Microscopic Vorticella


The microscopic vorticella, a single-celled organism shown here in slow motion, is one of the strongest biological engines in terms of specific power in the natural world.

Entropy Puzzle


A ceramic plate never "unshatters" even though it does not violate Newton’s laws of mechanics. Why not?

Cell Electrotaxis


The electrical current running between two nanowires attracts an amoeba, which allows researchers to study the creature reducing the risk of damaging it.

Biometic Cilia


Artificial cilia that mimic the tiny hairs that propel cells in water help study the chaotic fluid movements around the surface of a cell.