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March Meeting Information

The APS March Meeting is the biggest physics meeting of the year. It is a showcase for cutting-edge research results that frequently lead to new electronic, communications, computer, and medical diagnosis products that have done so much to shape modern science and culture.

Highlighted Papers

A sampling of some of the potentially newsworthy presentations at the 2009 APS March Meeting.
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APS Press Liaisons

APS HQ - College Park, MD
To sign up for research news and physics tips and advisories, contact James Riordon with your full name and media affiliation.

James Riordon
Head of APS Media Relations
Website: APS Media
Phone: (301) 209-3238
Fax: (301) 209-3264

APS Advocacy - Washington, DC
To receive information on APS's public policy and advocacy efforts, statements, and reports, please contact Tawanda Johnson.

Tawanda W. Johnson
APS Press Secretary
Website: APS Policy Makers
Phone: (202) 662-8702
Fax: (202) 662-8711