Future of Physics Days T-Shirt Caption Contest

This is your chance to make your mark — literally — on the APS March and April meetings by submitting the winning t-shirt design caption. Future of Physics Days participants who preregister for the March or April meetings will receive FREE t-shirts!

We have a winner!

"How does Einstein say hello? He Gravity Waves!"
Congratulations to John Phillip Ferrier of the University of Central Arkansas SPS Chapter.

How It Works

Submit your most clever caption in the image comments on the APS Facebook page. The most popular caption will be printed on the Future of Physics Days t-shirts and include a credit to the winner. Captions should be humorous, relate to the physics, and be less than 25 words.

Important Dates

  • Caption Submissions Open on Facebook: November 21, 2016
  • Caption Submission Deadline: December 2, 2016
  • Winner Announced: December 5, 2016

Official Rules

All captions must be posted by December 2, 2016 to be included in the contest. The caption should relate in some way to physics and the image. Offensive or obscene submissions will not be considered.

Caption Release
The winning caption author will allow the American Physical Society (APS) to:

  • Modify the caption text to optimize its presentation on a t-shirt. APS will retain ownership of the modified design
  • Use the winning caption in other projects related to Future of Physics Days
  • Use the caption in other promotional, informational, or instructional materials produced by APS
  • Share the design and caption with APS affiliated organizations for use on websites and in printed materials


Email Crystal Bailey (bailey@aps.org).


How does Einstein say hello? He Gravity Waves!

Sent in by John Phillip Ferrier of the University of Central Arkansas SPS Chapter.

This image was inspired by a popular Neil deGrasse Tyson meme. See Know Your Meme for more information.

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