March Meeting 2023 Student Presenters

Presenters from APS March Meeting 2023

Thank you to the undergraduate presenters who shared their work! Their presentations spanned a breadth of physics topics and demonstrate the innovations undergraduates bring to the physics community.

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Name Institution Presentation Best Presenters in Session
Taha Kaleem Rutgers University Probing CDW states in Graphene/1T-TaS2 heterostructures using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy Top Presenter
Kenta Kodama California State University, Long Beach Using Scanning Tunneling Microscopy to Study the Electronic Properties of PtTe₂: A Type-II Dirac Semimetal  
Andrew Vincent Augusta University Fabrication of planar screening probes to study strongly correlated 2D materials such as twisted bi-layer graphene  
Amelia Schaeffer Reed College Investigating Nanoscale Morphology and Conductivity in a PEDOT:PSS and Au Nanoparticle System  
Eli Hellmig Francis Marion University Green Function Approach for Calculating Surface Electronic Structure of Iron Selenide on Strontium Titanate  
Tedi Qafko Wentworth Institute of Technology Low-cost setup for determining the thickness of van der Waals materials  
Michele Eggleston Oberlin College Measuring the Exciton Binding Energy of Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Perovskites  
Suman Neupane Middle Tennessee State University Properties of carbon nanotube/alumina nanocomposites synthesized by various magnetic catalysts  
Zixuan Liang New York University Mechanical exfoliation of h-BN as dielectric in Josephson junction fabrication  
Anne Evans University of North Florida Surface reaction induced transformation of 2D-Pt-ditelluride to a 2D-monotelluride Top Presenter
Ege Kutlubas Colgate University Role of Aromatic Amino Acids in Enhancing the Optical Transmissivity of PEDOT:PSS  
Sean Driskill University of Arizona Low Temperature Photoluminescence of SbPS₄ Top Presenter
Lauren Massaro Kennesaw State University Floquet Engineered Vortex States in Dirac-like Systems  
Cody Graves Slippery Rock University Cooled atomic force microscope for undergraduate research  
Gabriel Andres Northwestern College Design and Construction of an Inverted Microscope to be Used in IR Optical Tweezers Top Presenter
Alyssa Miller Gettysburg College Design and Application of Wide-Angle Ultraviolet Stop Filter for Semi-transparent Organic Photovoltaics Top Presenter
Aries Martinez Eastern Illinois University Developing dielectric-metal hybrid nanomaterials for solar cells  
David Whatcott Eastern Illinois University Solar cell photoresponse enhancement with perovskite quantum dots and plasmonic particles  
Luis Torres Cantu Eastern Illinois University Nanoscale imaging of solar cells using Kelvin probe force microscopy  
Alex Landry Linfield University Simulating the Influence of Birefringence for Centrosymmetric Point Groups using Rotational Anisotropy Second Harmonic Generation (RA-SHG)  
Patrick Herron Cleveland State University On the Importance of the Direct Measurements of the Specific Refractive Index for Microgels and Micelles Top Presenter
Michael Dixon Trinity University Effect of Hydrogen Content on Rare Earth Fluorescence in Lithium Niobate  
Avery Gilson New York Institute of Technology Measuring photon correlation using laser feedback interferometry with time-correlated coherence measurements  
Charanjot Singh City College of New York Strain engineering effects on the optical properties of bilayer MoS₂ Top Presenter
Nathon Segovia U.S. Military Academy West Point 4-level ladder electromagnetic induced transparency quantum antenna: theory  
Samantha Damonte U.S. Military Academy West Point 4-level ladder electromagnetic induced transparency quantum antenna: experiment  
Jordan Wilhelm Lafayette College Converting Radio Frequency waves to Electrical Energy using Metamaterials  
Haben Belai University of Florida Anisotropic Magnetoresistance (AMR) of Phase Separated (La0.4Pr0.6)0.67Ca0.33MnO3  
Laura Zichi University of Michigan Exfoliation of large high-quality graphene coupled with physically informed automated identification  
Sihan Chen Caltech Shift Current Response in Twisted Multilayer Graphene  
Caeli Benyacko Dept. of Physics and MagLab, University of Florida Magnetic Properties of Ferromagnetic Cobalt Grown in an Applied Magnetic Field  
Brady Wilson Kennesaw State University Structural and magnetic characterization of chiral magnetic oxides of MMoTeO₆ (M=Mn, Co) family  
Christopher Barns West Chester University Structural Phase Patterning of MoS₂ Top Presenter
Evan Engelhaupt Trinity University Enhancing the efficiency of FRET using surface plasmons waves on gold nanogratings Top Presenter
Andra Key Trinity University Enhancing FRET Efficiency of Precisely Spaced Fluorescent Molecules Using Surface Plasmons  
Rohith Sajith University of California, Berkeley Critical correlations and entanglement in the measured quantum Ising model  
Jessica Jiang Smith College Finite Element Calculations of the Electron-Electron Coulomb Repulsions in a Quantum Dot Dimer Top Presenter
Emma Kurth Coastal Carolina University Spin and Charge Currents from Stern-Gerlach-Like Forces  
Alex Giovannone The Ohio State University Design of a Cryogenic-Friendly Spintronic Terahertz Emitter Mount for Small Samples Top Presenter
Andrew Zimmerman Augusta University Topological properties of photon-mediated interacting fermions in the presence of honeycomb optical lattice.  
Venise Jan Castillon Seton Hall University Improving the efficiency of Tin-Based Perovskite using WxAMPS  
Noah Hann-Deschaine Colgate University Development & optimization of low-cost TENGs using bioderived materials  
Alexander Brady Augusta University Integrating LASSO machine learning algorithm with LLG spin dynamics Top Presenter
Daniel King Brigham Young University Machine Learning to Predict Quasi TE₀₁₁ Mode Resonance of Dielectric Resonators in Free Space  
Matthew Vallely Bucknell University Predictive Modeling of the Mechanical Properties in Triblock and Dual Triblock Copolymer Organogels Top Presenter
Holden Hankerson Winston-Salem State University Use Simple Pasco Experiments to Stimulate Computational Thinking  
Walker Hayes Valdosta State University Discovery of Copper-Catalyzed Click Chemistry Reaction Intermediates in Nanoreactor by Accelerated MD Top Presenter
Grennon Gurney American University Distribution and scaling of complexity in Conway's Game of Life, and connections to nonequilibrium dynamics  
Mateus F. B. Granha Universidade de Pernambuco Three-State Opinion Dynamics for Financial Markets on Complex Networks  
Igor Oliveira Universidade de Pernambuco Critical behavior effects of Fractal Networks on the Majority-vote Model Dynamics Top Presenter
Giuliano Porciúncula Universidade de Pernambuco Majority-vote model with limited visibility on scale-free networks  
Aashay Pai New York University Spectral Holography: Imaging Complex Systems with Broadband Sound  
Gabriel Kuntz Seattle University Mechanical Properties of Fish Shoals  
Mitchell Rask Seattle University The Effects of Changing Geometry on Fish Motion in Shoals  
Brendan D'Aquino Northeastern University Studying Turing patterns in vegetation  
Alexander Hardin Northern Arizona University Energetic Models of Artificial Chlorosome Light Harvesting Systems  
Ngoc Nguyen Trinity University Exploring Membrane-Damaging Effects of Amyloid Aggregates on the Clustering Behaviors of Lipid Molecules in Simulated Neuronal Membranes Using Unsupervised Machine Learning (NMFk) Algorithm  
Victoria Torres Trinity University Measuring the Motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Near Surfaces Top Presenter
Daniel Nordquist Northwestern College Moving Towards Crystallizing Rev1 Mutants to Investigate the Structure  
Ahmed Mardini California State University Long Beach Non-linear Computational Analysis of the Azeotropic Behavior of a Ternary Refrigerant Mixture  
Diego Gilbert Estrada Cornell University Using Entanglement to Optimize Precision in Continuous Quantum Clocks  
Robert Cady Santa Clara University Dynamical Decoupling Protocols for Reconstructing Qubit Charge Noise  
Aliza Siddiqui Louisiana State University Investigating the Performance of the Quantum Neuron Born Machine on Near-Term Hardware  
Natalia Wilson North Carolina State University Simulating Time Evolution of Entanglement Entropy on Quantum Computers via Algebraic Compression Top Presenter
Marcus Corulli Augusta University A machine learning analysis of energy and entanglement property of the XYZ quantum spin chain  
Riya Rai Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal Estimation of Semimajor Axis of Exoplanet Orbit Using Machine Learning Techniques Top Presenter
August Muller Haverford College Finding EMRI Signals in Simulated LISA Data  
Elaine Nieves Florida International University Energy Dependent Morphology of HAWCJ2019+368, a High Energy Pulsar in the Dragonfly Nebula  
Jonah Beurkens Kalamazoo College Characterizing the Relationship Between Temperature and Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Manganite Thin Films  
Jeff Carlson University of Northern Iowa Preparation of Gold Films on MoS₂ with Subatomic Surface Roughness by Sputtering  
Elvin Cordero Figueroa University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Effect of the gate voltage scan rate on charge transport in graphene that is gated with an ionic liquid  
Jessica Dawson SUNY Geneseo Rapid Vaporization of Activated Lithium for Detector Testing  
Collin Douglas Cleveland State University Understanding the Scattering by Polystyrene Microspheres  
Luke Elder Roanoke College Applying Kernel Ridge Regression to Predict Dielectric Properties of Ceramic Oxides Top Presenter
Jonas Flann Colorado Mesa University Investigation on exciton-phonon optical properties and Raman shift in hexagonal Boron Nitride (hBN) monolayers using Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurement towards non-cryogenic operation  
Sarah Glasser Duquesne University Mechanochemical activation of yttrium iron garnet with and without graphene nanoparticles  
Jose L. Perez Gordillo University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Reduced Graphene Oxide on Silicon Heterojunction for Self-Powered Photodetection Top Presenter
Matthew Hooks, Nathan Roberts Murray State University One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Simulations of Helical Homopolymers: A Comparative Analysis of Efficiency and Funnel Folding  
Virginia Jarvis Benedictine College Diffusion Coefficient for Electron Transport Simulation  
Lillian Jirousek Northwestern University Transport Behavior of Planar Fe3GeTe2 Josephson Junctions  
Madelyn Johnson University of Northern Iowa Diffusion of Carbon Nanoparticles Intercalated into Layered Materials  
Evan Krysko Pennsylvania State University Synthesis and Characterization of a High-Entropy Spinel Oxide Single Crystal  
Megan Q. Loh Stanford University Optical response of relativistic-like materials using Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy  
Stephanie McNamara Pennsylvania State University 1D Confinement of 4He Inside Cesium-Plated MCM-41 Nanopores  
Young Moua University of Northern Iowa Magnetic Properties of FeCrVAl-Based Materials  
Solomon Murdock Swarthmore College Exploration of Relationship Between Phonons and LiFePO₄ Cathode Behavior using Density Functional Theory  
Bhavana Panchumarthi Reed College Dielectric Characterization of h-BN by Preparing Metal-Insulator-Metal Capacitors  
Taylor Pettaway Towson University Effect of Post-Deposition Thermal Treatments on the Structure and Properties of Metal Oxide Thin Films  
Nicolas Puentes Central Washington University Computationally Modeling the Magnetization of Ca₃Co₂O₆  
Jeiko Pujols Colgate University Highly Rigid and Transparent Supramolecular Fibrils of Tyrosine  
Sam Rubin University of Chicago Non-Brownian Motion of Janus Particles in liquid crystals  
August Schwoebel Missouri State University Investigation of quantum materials using p-block fluxes  
Samantha Stapf Slippery Rock University Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum carbonitride nanoplates  
Saraí Vega Angueira University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus Chemical Vapor Deposition of Rhenium Disulfide Nanoflowers: Effects of Water-Vapor, Substrate Preparation and Post-Growth Treatments  
Lavender Allen University of West Florida Polarization Sensitive Low Frequency Raman and Coherent Raman Spectrum of Crystals Top Presenter
Rena Beban Adelphi University Numerical Calculations of Atomic Excitation with Nanosecond Pulses  
Gaven Cannon Assumption University Spectroscopic study of the 4f⁷6s² ⁸Sᵒ7/2 - 4f⁷ (⁸Sᵒ) 6s6p (¹Pᵒ) ⁸P9/2,7/2,5/2, transitions in neutral europium-151 and europium-153: absolute frequency and hyperfine structure  
Lana Flanigan Coastal Carolina University Simulating the Classical Stern-Gerlach Effect  
Aydan Gibbs Appalachian State University Crystal Structure Determination Through X-Ray Diffraction  
Avery Gilson New York Institute of Technology Controlling the polarization transmitted through an electro-optic modulator in a laser feedback interferometer  
Kiyan Hocek, Tarik Cigeroglu Colgate University Einstein Beams for Free-space Optical Communications  
Rosalba Huerta, Weiling Xia, Owen Bellevage University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Thin Films Grown by Physical Vapor Deposition Top Presenter
William Kaiser U.S. Military Academy West Point Development of a database of Rb Rydberg atom properties in support of demonstrating an EIT-based quantum antenna  
Dylan Kirkeby Northwestern College Undergraduate Custom Designed Cost Effective IR Optical Tweezer Set Up fo DNA Applications  
Ganesh Petterson St. Lawrence University Computational Exploration of Anti-Reflective Nanostructures Top Presenter
Mihail Popa CSU Chico The effect of Duschinsky rotation on Femtosecond Coherence Spectra  
Temazulu Zulu Macalester College SARS-CoV-2 Quantum Sensing Using NV Centers in Nanodiamonds Top Presenter
Jackson Hofland Northwestern College Fluorescence studies of small heat shock protein oligomerization  
Taniya Ballard Winston-Salem State University Potential Causes of Electrical Responses due to Musical Influences during In vivo and In vitro experiments.  
Allison Cartee Emory University Pausing by E. Coli RNA Polymerase at LacI and EcoRI Protein Roadblocks  
Zaria Dillahunt Winston-Salem State University Insights into the Cardiac Effect of Music on the Electrical Activity of the Body  
Taylor Millett Utah Tech University Hollow hair and how its structure helps big game animals thermoregulate  
Nathaniel O Saint Joseph's University Investigation of the use of sodium dodecyl sulfate for reducing leakage of bovine serum albumin from ethyl cellulose microcapsules  
Laura Tirado University of South Florida Gel vs. Plaque Formation during Self-assembly of Amyloid Fibrils  
Richard Dong University of Southern California Microwave-Transparent Infrared Filters for Superconducting Qubits  
Anne Graf North Carolina State University The Effect of Neutrino Flavor Oscillations on The Supernova Early Warning Pypeline (SNEWPY)  
Robert Hare US Naval Academy Quantum Engineering in the Undergraduate Laboratory: Quantum Foundations and Applications of Quantum Information Science  
Stefan Hill Universitaet Koblenz-Landau An application of quantum machine learning for inter-case predictive process monitoring  
Jocelyn Liu University of Southern California Experimental Characterization of a Modular Dissipator for On-Demand Cavity Cooling Top Presenter
Georgia Eirini Mandopoulou University of Hamburg, Harvard University Fabrication of Tapered Optical Fibers for Free-Space Access Microcavities Top Presenter
Clark Miyamoto University of Southern Califronia Developing a library of modular superconducting qubit components for rapid device design  
Clara Sobery, Sabrina Sobery St. Mary's Univeristy Determination of Elevation with Muon Flux Measurements  
Erica Valencia Gomez Universidad del Quind√≠o Exploring the adsorption mechanism of a CO₂ molecule in graphene and graphene oxide structures employing DFT  
Madisyn Brooks University of Central Florida Examining and Defining the Structure of Saturn's B-ring  
Morgan Cole University of California, Berkeley Plasma Wakefield Accelerators, and Solutions to Compactness and Efficiency  
Dania Collie Benedict College Multiphysics Simulation of Thermoelectric material (GST₂₂₅)  
Donovan Donald University of Incarnate Word Uses of Stereolithography Additive Manufacturing in Cryogenic Heat Capacity Measurements  
Raphael Ettinger-Finley Vassar College Mapping Magnetic Fields with Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy  
Austin Galli St. Lawrence University Modeling and Constructing an Efficient Railgun  
Timothy Godsil US Military Academy West Point Effects of Gravitational Time Dilation during Balloon Satellite Flights with Chip Scale Atomic Clocks and their use in Small-Scale Systems  
Walker Hayes Valdosta State University Discovery of Copper-Catalyzed Click Reaction Intermediates in Nanoreactor by Accelerated MD  
Patrick Herron Cleveland State University Physics Fridays – undergraduate student led physics outreach program for K-12 kids.  
Robert Hoye Roanoke College Investigating Bromine Vacancy Coordination in CsPb(1-x)SnxBr2.875 Top Presenter
Simon Ji, Shintaro Inaba, Kai Yang Tan Swarthmore College Performance Comparison of Commercially-Available Rechargeable 2032 Batteries Top Presenter
Eric Kirchner Stony Brook University Simulations on the X(3872) Exotic Meson  
Daniel Klotz US Military Academy West Point Space Weather Forecasting by Sunspot Mapping and Solar Activity Correlation  
William Li The Lawrenceville School A Simple Method to Determine Temperature Dependency of Thermal Diffusivity  
Yiqi Liu Johns Hopkins University Global-NILC: a bias reduction effort for NILC at large angular scale  
Seth Lowery Central Washington University Characterizing Uncertainty of Violin Mobility Measurements Top Presenter
Ted Mburu Ithaca College Developing an Interactive Simulation for Non-Inertial Reference Frames Top Presenter
Emily McCallum US Military Academy West Point Abstract for Determining Rotational Period of Asteroid 101955 Bennu through Analysis of IR Spectrometer (OVIRS) Data from OSIRIS-REx Top Presenter
Brenna McConnell St. Lawrence University Applying Runs Tests to NOvA Data Top Presenter
Cielo Medina Medina Central Michigan University Computational Exploration of high energy density Metal Ion Electrode Materials Top Presenter
Rudy Morales The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Optical Detection of Exoplanets using Transit Method with CTMO and McDonald Observatories  
Miguel Moya Slippery Rock University Convolutional Neural Network for Graphene Detection using Automated Optical Microscope  
Giovanni Paz-Silva California State University Chico Finding Dynamical Chaos in Stellar ModelsComputational PhysicsUndergraduate Physics Research  
Bermuda Pierre Rutgers University Using Social Network Analysis in Physics Education Research  
Vedant Rautela Northeastern University Optimization problems in the development of a blimp to monitor radiation levels in the CERN FCC environment  
Michael Rochette Saint Anselm College Computational Methods for Kepler's Law  
Sam Krietzman US Military Academy West Point Application of Imaging Methods to Enhance Observatory Operation  
Ana Segovia The University of Texas at Arlington Nonstandard Lagrangians and Gauge Functions and Dissipative Forces in Dynamics  
Michael J. Tan, Nicholas M. Kirby, Ari M. Goldberg, Jackson J. Wiley, Andrea S. Muszka, Daniela Zheng Fung Suffolk University Energy Dependent Neutron Absorption Coefficients in Polyethylene  
Connor Tomlinson Xavier University Inertial Cavitation and its Relationship with Fluid Fill Height Top Presenter
Xiangqin Wang Colgate University A New Way of Simulating Josephson Junction Circuits  
Matthew Weil Ithaca College Contributing to a Greener NY: Analysis of methane emissions in NYS Top Presenter
Jacob Willis US Military Academy West Point Determining the Rotational Period of an Asteroid Using Differential Lightcurve Photometry Top Presenter
Jiwon Hwang, Sungwook Hong California State University, Los Angeles Molecular Dynamic Simulation Incorporated with Science Pedagogy to Improve Undergraduate Students' Authentic Engineering Problem-Solving Skills  
Hunter Ketels Kennesaw State University Bicircular Light-induced Space Symmetry Breaking in Topological Insulating States  
Elizabeth Chouinard University of Dallas Tuning the Magnetic Phases of Iron Oxide Nanocubes  
Artyom Filippov California State University, Sacramento Phase Exploration in a SU(N)-Symmetric Singlet-Projector Model on the Diamond Lattice Using Quantum Monte Carlo  
Jessica Jiang Smith College Utilizing an Adaptive Earth Mover's Distance to Detect Quantum Chaos Top Presenter
Yuqi Zhang Bryn Mawr College Deposition of Pt/Co/Ir multilayer films with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions  
Angéline Lafleur University of Ottawa Design of globally aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) film reflector to enhance antenna directivity Top Presenter
Justin Craven California State University Chico A versatile shutter driver with integrated arbitrary waveform generator using a programmable system-on-chip (PSoC) device  
Chandrasekhar Roychoudhuri University of Connecticut Active roles of Poynting vectors & π-phase shift in observing the superposition outputs through a Mach-Zehnder interferometer  
Octavia Ailsworth Lincoln University (Missouri) Analyzing cholesteric liquid crystals' properties and their disordered helical textures  
Hailey Currie University of Texas at Austin Characterizing the Viscoelasticity of Calcium-Alginate Hydrogels Via Multiple Particle Tracking Microrheology Top Presenter
Jacob Groh Point Loma Nazarene University Structure of PLGA and Its Cardio-Protective Effect: Atomic Simulation and Machine Learning  
Dmitri Krymski NIST / University of Maryland, College Park Millikelvin Characterization of Electronic Components for Cryoelectronic Circuits  
Chaucer Langbert Wellesley College Performance Assessment of NASA Mission Proposal to Characterize Exoplanet Atmospheres with Space-based High-Resolution IR Spectrometer  
Iain Morton Seton Hall University Simulation of Photovoltaic Efficiencies of Various Thickness Values of Thin Films  
Elena Stipetich Duquesne University Mossbauer Spectroscopy of Thulium Oxide-Hematite Nanoparticle System  
Samuel Alber University of California, Berkeley Understanding Warm Dense Matter Beyond Density Functional Theory Top Presenter
Cameron Brochu Saint Lawrence university Developing Low-cost Temperature Sensing Capabilities For Prosthetics  
Ricardo Parra Payano Universidad Nacional de Ingenier√≠a Exploring b-jet properties in Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC  
Ashleigh Hughes Assumption University Relating quantitative ultrasound measurements of two cancer cell lines, HeLa and MDA-MB-231, to biological markers  
Nadia Qutob Georgia Institute of Technology Advancing Parameter Estimation for LIGO's Fourth Observing Run Top Presenter

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Top Presenters from March Meeting 2023

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