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April Meeting 2023

April 15 - 18, 2023, Minnesota, MN
April 24 - 26, 2023, Virtual
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions
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March Meeting 2023

March 5 - 10, 2023, Las Vegas, NV
March 20 - 22, 2023, Virtual
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions
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April Meeting 2022

April 19 - 12, 2022, New York, NY (Hybrid)
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions


Name Institution Presentation
Nachiket Bhanushali California Institute of Technology Light Output Studies of the Barrel Timing Layer Sensors for the MIP Timing Detector
Sidney Boros Bethel University Sensor quality testing for CMS HL-LHC upgrades
Julian Westerlund Bethel University POET framework for CMS Open Data Workshops
Enea Prifti University of Illinois at Chicago The CMS MTD detector upgrade for Quark-Gluon Plasma studies with jets
Amy Flather Rutgers University Searching for Millicharged Particles Using the Short Baseline Near Detector at Fermilab
Michelle Arrigo Susquehanna University Zone Visibility and Luminosity of N-Zone Exoplanets: A Computational Approach
William Kerin Springfield College Applications of alternative gravity to the recent 2021 Bizyaev et al. Ultra-faint edge-on galaxies
Brook Burbridge Valparaiso University A Measurement of π⁰A_LL with the STAR 2013 Endcap Calorimeter Data
Damien Price Univ of Houston Strangeness-neutral Equation of State for QCD with a Critical Point
Lauren Kadlec Valparaiso University High Voltage Component Testing for the nEDM Experiment at SNS
Ravi Pitelka University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Simulating NuDot: A Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Detector with Direction Reconstruction in Liquid Scintillator
Aryan Vaidya University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Development and Analysis of Machine Learning For Heavy-Ion Reaction Plane Measurement in the LHC
Rebecca Osar Arizona State University Cross Section Analysis of ep → K+Λ*
Gracie Buondonno Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Analysis and Comparison of Light Intensity Spectra Using Wavelet and Fourier Analysis
Connor Menzel University of Pittsburgh Investigating Gluon Fusion as New Channel to Search for Dark Matter
Alan Sosa Florida International University Studies of angular distributions in meson photoproduction at GlueX


Name Institution Presentation
Patrick O'Mullan Worcester Polytechnic Institute Using Radio Relics to Help Reconstruct the Dynamics of Galaxy Cluster Mergers
Michael Guadarrama Dominican University Detector and target simulations for the NAUM (Non-invasive Archaeometry Using Muons) program
Kiara Carloni Massachusetts Institute of Technology MI Convolutional Neural Networks for Shower Energy Prediction in Liquid Argon Time Projection Chambers
Jacob Buchanan Christopher Newport University Testing Data Cuts for Updated Gravitational Wave Triggered Searches
Alexandra Leeming Suffolk University Neutron Energy Distribution of an AmBe Source at the MGH Proton Center

March Meeting 2022

March 14 - 18, 2022, Chicago, IL (Hybrid)
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions


Name Institution Presentation
Luke Thatcher Vassar College Determining Characteristics of Interferometer Glitches
Kelotchi Figueroa Nieves University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Impurity charge compensation in graphene and its effect on charge transport near the Dirac point
Phillip Popp Case Western Reserve University First-principles study of LiAlO2 in tetrahedrally and octahedrally coordinates structures
Addison Hornsey St Johns University Surface Magnetic Switching in Lower Dimensional Ferromagnetic Films
Danisbel Herrera New York University The Evolution of Co2MnGa Topological Magnetic Nanoparticles
Alex Giovannone The Ohio State University Simulation of Ternary Organic Solar Cells as a 3d Grid of Resistors and Photodiodes to Study the Effects of Morphology and Material Properties
Angéline Lafleur University of Ottawa Scanning Probe Microscopy of Two-dimensional (2D) Field Effect Transistors
Enea Prifti University of Illinois at Chicago Deep learning for anomaly detection in scanning transmission electron microscopy
Lauren Jones New York University (NYU) Spectral Holography: Acoustic Imaging with Broadband Sound
Richard Baker Augusta University X-ray angular momentum and polarization behavior in magnetic x-ray scattering
Andreas Tsantilas New York University (NYU) Improving quantum hardware performance using inverse noise matrices
Thuong Pham Trinity University Computer Simulations of Early Aggregation of Intrinsically Disordered Protein on Nano-Structured Surfaces at Different Spatial and Time Scales
Youqi Gang Princeton University Tuning Tunneling Resistance of Josephson Junctions for Precise Qubit Control
Kate Okun Case Western Reserve University Modeling and Manufacturing Baffle Panels to Reduce the Impact of Sidelobes in Cosmic Microwave Background Telescopes
Taylor Kimball Brigham Young University Path Integral Construction of Quantum Propagators for Time-Dependent Potentials to Evaluate Work Statistics
Walker Hayes Valdosta State University Particle Dynamics Through the Earth: A Study of Non-Zero Tunnel Diameters
Thomas Hulse University of Louisville Sub-10 nm Iron-Oxide Nanospheres and Nanocubes for Hyperthermia Therapy
Xingyu Zhao University High School & California State University, Fresno Resistivity of doped filled skutterudite compounds: Ce1-xPrxOs4Sb12 (x=0.1, 0.2)
Ananya Chakravarti The University of Chicago Atomistic Simulations of Defects in Silicon Carbide
Jamie Woodworth Ithaca College Using a Numerical Model to Investigate the Analytical Limits of Thermal Diffusion
Patrick Herron Cleveland State University Measuring dn/dc for Polysaccharide Microgels of Varying Crosslinking Density
Hyo Jung Park Smith College Characterizing correlated and topologically driven dynamics of prime knots
Ted Mburu Ithaca College Gamifying a Simulation to Improve Understanding and Attitudes Towards Electric Fields
Aidan Gillam Brigham Young University Mapping out Teleportation Space for Usage within a Quantum Network
Alejandro Cruz-Arzon University of Puerto Rico at Humacao Electro-spun poly(lactic acid)/poly(triarylamine) composite nanofibers: Making a biocompatible polymer electroactive
Leon Armbruster CUNY Queens College First Passage of Active Self Propelled System in the Presence of Obstacles
Eva Laney California Polytechnic State University Electrical, thermal, and thermomagnetic transport properties of the chalcopyrite compound CdSnAs2
Christian Posadas California Polytechnic State University Influence of voltage offsets on measurement of the Seebeck coefficient
Dan Ashley Fauni University of the Sciences Construction of Detection Electronics to Measure Superconducting-to-Normal Switching Events in a Josephson Junction
Paul Russell Adelphi Physics Repump Laser Light for a Magneto Optical Trap from a Laser Locked to a Frequency-modulated Sideband


Name Institution Presentation
Cole Gibson University of South Florida Spin dynamics simulation of topological CrPt3 and Co2MnGa magnetic nanoparticles
Ayanesh Maiti Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Exploding single electrons in liquid helium using ultrasound focused by a Fresnel Zone Plate
Lincoln Draper North Central College MOKE Microscope Design and Construction
Michael Bates University of Florida Piston-cylinder clamp cell for neutron scattering experiments at high pressure, low temperature, and high magnetic field
Anna Shelton University of Richmond Design and Optimization of Epsilon-Near-Zero Metamaterial for Negative Refraction
Ariana-Dalia Vlad Harvard University Dynamic 3D Simulations of Tree and Network Sea Fan Structures
Stephany Salazar Seton Hall Analysis of the Length Distribution of Microtubules with Different Structural Compositions
Katherine Schlaak University of Cincinnati Effects of Annealing on Thermoelectric Transport in Polycrystalline NbP
Kayla Lehtola University of Minnesota Experimental Studies of Applied Magnetic Field Induced Chain Formation in a Magnetorheological Fluid
William Brackett University of Tennessee Knoxville The effect of composition on the dynamics and properties of deep eutectic solvents
Sajal Malhotra Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Ising model simulation of the effect of nearest neighbors on critical transition temperatures in spin crossover molecular system
Sara Gómez Universidad EAFIT Computer simulations of plasma with the one-dimensional electrostatic PIC method: A tutorial description of the method and the development of a desktop application
Sauviz Alaei University of Minnesota Experimental study of the effects of interactions on Henkel and ∆M plots


April Meeting 2021

April 17 - 20, 2021, Virtual
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions
Due to the virtual nature of the conference, top presenters were not selected for this year.

March Meeting 2021

March 15 - 19, 2021, Virtual
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions
Due to the virtual nature of the conference, top presenters were not selected for this year.


April Meeting 2020

April 18 - 21, 2020 • Virtual
Undergraduate-Friendly Sessions
Due to the virtual nature of the conference, top presenters were not selected for this year.

March Meeting 2020

March 2 - 6, 2020 • Denver, CO
Meeting canceled due to COVID-19


April Meeting 2019

April 13 - 16, 2019 • Denver, CO
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Name Institution Presentation
Tatsuya Akiba Truman State University Multi-filter Photometric Analysis of Six W Ursae Majoris (W UMa) Type Eclipsing Binary Stars
Juan Avina University of Northern Colorado Synchronization and the Chua Circuit
Sarah Deutsch University of Alabama Analytical Strategies for Large-Area X-Ray Spectroscopic Imaging Measurements of Cultural Heritage Objects: A Case Study in Illuminated Manuscripts
Kristin Dona University of Michigan Study of the KL0 → KS0 Regeneration Process with the KOTO Detector
Abigail Firme University of Wyoming Electron Spin Resonance of Magnetic Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks
Courtney Fleming University of Colorado, Denver Constructing an Electronic-Oscillator-Based Model of the Human Ear
Kristen Larson University of Illinois at Chicago, Society of Physics Students Sounds of Discovery, Creating an Exhibit for the NBLA
Lorien MacEnulty Drake University Monte Carlo Computational Modeling of DANSS Short-Baseline Antineutrino Oscillation Experiment
Maile Mariott University of Utah Following the Nucleation Reaction of Gyroid
Martin Mattes Central Washington University Correcting Phase in a Bells Inequality Measurement
Heather Mentzer Loyola Marymount University Thermodynamics of Charged Generalized Uncertainty Principle Black Holes
Clayton Orback University of Northern Colorado Imaging and Analyssi of Hydrodynamic Quantum Analogs
Emma Pearson Kennesaw State University Construction of a Multi-Wire Proportional Chamber for Cosmic Ray Muon Detection
Neipori Pelle Seattle University Development of a high-precision autocollimator to study short-range interactions
Michael Reynolds Kennesaw State University Modular Multiwire Proportional Chambers: Design, Testing, and Simulation
Brigette Smith Coe College Scintillating and Semiconducting High Density Glasses for X-ray Detectors
Ethan Taylor University of Wyoming Measuring Infrared Emission from InSb Quantum Dots


March Meeting 2019

March 4 - 8, 2019 • Boston, MA
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Name Institution Presentation
Yuxing Ma Amherst College Exploring How Protamine Folds DNA in Sperm
Anthony Florimbo Allegheny College Investigation into the Interface Between Salt Solutions and Hydrophobic Surfaces
Joshua Clark Cleveland State University Optimization of Serpentine Micromixers with Non-Rectangular Cross-Sections
Daniel Morales Texas Luthern University Modeling Superconducting Resonators for Astronomical Photon Detection
Penelope Taylor Mt. Holyoke College Measurement of the Tissue Properties of Three Cell Lines using Quantitative Ultrasound
Austin Kaczmarek University of Michigan Development of Apparatus for Simultaneous Measurement of Photocurrent and SHG
Amad Matar Abed University of Puerto Rico-Humcao Schottky Diode Based on Large Area CVD-grown WSe2
Kristin Doucette Simmons University A Novel Application of Focused Ultrasound for the Treatment of Port Wine Stain Birthmarks
Sophia Scarano Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland Single Photons for a Modular Ion Trap Quantum Network
Sarah Choate Villanova University Application of a Retired Burst Gravitational Wave Data Analysis Method to Investigate the Origin of the Blip Glitch
Miriam Salcedo Tufts University Properties of PVDF Films Blended with Zwitterionic Copolymers
Ronaldo Rodriguez University of California Santa Cruz Modulating the Magnetism of LaCoO3 Thin Films Via Strain Engineering
Gregory Price Augusta University Exact Diagonalization RIXS Studies of the Doped 1d t1-t2-J Model at the O K-edge
Logan Fairgrieve-Park University of Alberta Development and Characterization of an Improved Wireless Centrifuge Force Microscope Using Acrylate Microspheres and Silicon Nitride Membranes
Katherine Rigdon Oberlin College Kinetic Separation of Hydrogen Isotopes in Metal-Organic Frameworks
Kaitlin Gili Stevens Institute of Tech Comparing Classical And Quantum Finite Automata
Michael Taylor Univ. of South Florida A Statistical Comparison of OAR Doses Between Helical Tomotherapy and VMAT Plans
Donavan Ebersole Troy University Measuring Viscosity with A Damped Harmonic Oscillator
Ethan Richman Bard College Ultrafast Laser Ablation of Graphene under Water Immersion
Thomas Pilvelait Havard University Visualizing Contact Area Growth in Frictional Interfaces
Joseph Lanier Xavier University Monte-Carlo Simulations of Magnetic Ising Models for Sodium Cobaltate
Gillian Hagen Mt. Holyoke College Determining the Interface Conductivity of Nb-SrTiO3 (Nb-STO) with Various Electrodes
Param Patel Rutgers University Development of Low Cost Room Temperature STM for the Preliminary Analysis of 2D Materials and Twisted Graphene Bilayers
Kenneth Lin Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst Ultrafast Carrier Dynamics of Exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenides with Optical-Pump Terahertz-Probe Microscopy
Samuel Desrosiers Université de Sherbrooke Survey of Tensor Networks
Hieu Le Dickinson College Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Localized Modes in Vibrational and Magnetic Lattices
Jessica Maruri Vanderbilt University Mysterious Dark Matter with a Rare Form of Electromagnetism
Mary Agajanian Harvard University Head-on Collisions of Vortex Rings with Solid Bodies
Joseph Godoy High Point University Nonequilibrium Power-law Correlations in a System of Tight-binding Fermions with Gapped Spectrum
Henry Varona Boston University Dynamics of Jet Drop Formation in Multi-Bubble Systems
Rebeca Gurrola St. Marys University Wearable Textile-based Energy Harvester Designed for Human Motion
Elizabeth Fuller Ohio State University Biocompatible Exchange-Coupled Magnetic Nanoparticles for Advanced Hyperthermia
Troy Taylor Linfield College Complexity and Fly Swarms



April Meeting 2018

April 14 - 17, 2018 • Columbus, Ohio
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Future of Physics Day April Meeting 2018 undergrad epitome coverApril Meeting 2018 Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Rebecca Barsotti University of Texas Dallas Shower Classification in the GlueX Experiment
Mackenzie Devilbliss American University Photon and Neutron Waveform Differentiation
Rachel Huxford Towson University Induced Bias in Recovery of Spinning Neutron Star Binaries with Non-spinning Waveforms
Benjamin Lane Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Observation of an Optical Spring with a Beamsplitter
Samuel Montgomery New Mexico Tech Ionized hydrogen survey for supermassive black hole detection
Nickolas Reed Illinois College RoLEDS: Rotating LED-based Solar Simulator
Michael Reynolds Kennesaw Sate University Construction and Operation of Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers
Siva Shankar University of Wisconsin Parkside Damping of a Simple Pendulum Due to Drag on Its String


March Meeting 2018

March 5 - 9, 2018 • Los Angeles, CA
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Future of Physics Day March Meeting 2018 undergrad epitome coverMarch Meeting 2018 Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Sajant Anand Wake Forest University Investigating Traps in Organic Field-Effect Transistor through Field Dependent Mobility
Jason Cardarelli University of South Florida Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Oxide Nanotubes for Targeted Hyperthermia and Drug Delivery
Tania Diaz Marquez University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Chemical Vapor Deposition of Two-Dimensional Heterostructures
Sidney Eckert Indiana State University Rolling Polygons with Granular Material down an Incline
Chris Fonseca Evergreen Valley College Methods of Muon Detection and an Analysis of Cosmic Rays
Rossella Gabriele Washington & Lee University Computational and Analytical Modeling for Senate Decision Dynamics
Patrick Gemperline Xavier University Computational Optimization of Monte-Carlo Simulation of Magnetic Ising Models
Josefa Gregorio California State University, San Marcos Structural and Magnetic Characterization of HoFexV1-xO3
Daniel Harper Point Loma Nazarene University Synthesis and Computational Analysis of Novel IspF Inhibitors
Travis Kregear Evergreen Valley College Methods of Muon Detection and an Analysis of Cosmic Rays
Lisa McDonald FYI, American Institute of Physics Policy-ing the Science: The Importance of Science Policy Communication Platforms
Daniel Mukasa Oberlin College Local Chemical Environments in Magnetic High Entropy Alloys
Samantha Pedek University of Wisconsin, Riverside Infrared Response of a Quasi-Crystalline Filter
Danielle Posey California State University, Fullerton Small-scale fluctuations of cytoplasmic vesicles
David D.W. Ren Hong Kong Universtiy of Science and Technology Global Helical Modes in Low-Density Jets
Frank Schooner Rochester Institute of Technology Exchange Bias of Py-Based Ferromagnetic Multilayers Compared to Their Alloy
Monika Tadrous California State University, Fullerton A Low-cost Microfluidic Device to Study Nonequilibrium Physics of Colloids
Samantha Tietjen Cleveland State University Synthesis Optimization and Characterization of Polymeric Microgels
Lucas Wilkins Lycoming College Room Temperature Characterization of MEMS Devices: Effects of Nearby Solid Boundary
Ryan Wong Georgia Institute of Technology Computational Electrochemistry of DNA and its Structural Units: Effect of Lithium



March Meeting 2017

March 13 - 17, 2017 • New Orleans, LA
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March Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Frank McKay University of Washington Scalable growth and characterization of monolayer WSe2
Mario Cribari Xavier University, Cincinnati Multiple Spectroscopic Techniques Simultaneously Observe Native and Mutated Protein Unfolding of Horse Heart Cytochrome c
Alexis Clavijo Rutgers University Delaminated Transfer of CVD Graphene
Shoji Hishida California State University-Fresno Analysis of Thermal Properties of Pr1−xNdxOs4Sb12 in the Range 10-300 K
Zachary Brawley University of Central Arkansas Characteristics of Au nanowire arrays on GaAs photodetectors for optimal optical enhancement at near-infrared wavelengths
Megan Glassell University of South Florida, University of Scranton Exchange-coupled Fe3O4/CoFe2O4 nanoparticles for advanced magnetic hyperthermia
Matthew Bellardini Ithaca College Examining the radiation field in a star forming region
Brandon Miller University of Central Arkansas Conservation laws for waves on a string from isometries and conformal isometries of the Minkowski metric
Zachary Pagel Tufts University Topological Transformation of Defects in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Claire Baum University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign Intrinsic Mirror Birefringence Measurements for the Any Light Particle Search (ALPS)
Jay Magers Susquehanna University Altering F-Actin Structure of C17.2 Cells using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Nathan Gillette Susquehanna University ltering F-Actin Structure of C17.2 Cells using Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Zhenghao Ding Illinois Wesleyan University Experimental Analysis of Light's Angular Momentum
Amy Parker Ithaca College A Toxicology and Characterization Study of Microplastics
Michael Pun Bowdoin College and University of Florida Computational Prediction and Characterization of M-X3-enes
Tanner Grogan Adelphi University Towards Control of Ultracold Collisions Using Frequency-Chirped Laser Light
Kevin Francis University of West Florida DFT investigation for low-energy structures of 22- atom and 23-atom Boron Clusters


April Meeting 2017

January 28 - 31, 2017 • Washington, D.C.
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April Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Brean Prefontaine Drexel University The Development and Assessment of Particle Physics Summer Program for High School Students
Tabitha Colter Furman University Thinking Outside the Lab
Grace Haza Indiana University Seesaw Search with Multilepton Final States using 13 TeV LHC Data
Joseph Smiga University of Maryland College Park Improving calorimeter resolution using temperature compensation calculations
Alexander Madurowicz University of California Berkeley Development of an Inductively Coupled Thermometer for a Cryogenic Half-Wave Plate
Nicholas DiPorzio Northeastern University Scintillating Bolometer Monte Carlo for Rare Particle Event Searches
Karthik Garimella Hendrix College Automated Approaches to RFI Flagging
Joseph Matson Hendrix College Anisotropic Differential Reflectance Spectroscopy of Thin GeSe
Kaelyn Seeley University of Pittsburgh Brachytherapy optimization using radiobiological-based planning for high dose rate and permanent implants for prostate cancer treatment
Benjamin Riley University of Kentucky Calibration of High Precision Robot Arm for the Crafting of Magnets for Use in Neutron Experiments



April Meeting 2016

April 16 - 19, 2016 • Salt Lake City, Utah
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April Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Hunter Gabbard University of Mississippi A low-latency Glitch Classification Algorithm Based in Waveform Morphology
Harry Krantz Colorado School of Mines Using Stars to Align a Steered Laser System for Cosmic Ray Simulation
Matthew Longo Metropolitan State University of Denver Developing of a Cryostat to Characterize Nano-scale Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices
Katrina Miller Duke University Advancements in Tracking Detector Technologies
Paul Nebres Fermilab/Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Shimming the Muon g-2 Magnet
Jovan Nelson Brown University A Computer Program to Measure the Energy Spread in the Fermilab Booster at Injection
Kevin Piaskowski Millersville University One-Dimensional Random Walks with one-Step Memory
Rosa Wallace University of Colorado Denver Thermal Stabilization in a High Vacuum Cryogenic Optical System



March Meeting 2016

March 14 - 18, 2016 • Baltimore, Maryland
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March Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Margie Bruff North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Gravity Wave Disturbances in the F-Region Ionosphere Above Large Earthquakes
Daniel Clark Hope College Characterization of the Pseudocapacitive Nature of Surface Bound Prussian Blue Analogues
Joshua Dugre University of West Florida Development of a cost effective microscope heater stage
Rashad Farrakhan Lock Haven University Deposition of Highly Luminescent Zinc Tungstate Thin Films on Various Substrates
Samuel Girdzis The College of William and Mary Effects of Stress on Corrosion in a Molten Salt Environment
Ray Humienny Xavier University Alfven Wave Propagation in Young Stellar Systems
Grace Jesensky Seattle University A simple table-top experiment demonstrating mechanical oscillation of a macroscopic object driven by radiation pressure
Erin Jolley Ithaca College Optimizing Production of Superconducting Bulk YBCO Crystals: Effects of Initial Temperature and Growth Time
Shauna LeFebvre Union College Making Physics Fun: The 2015 Science Outreach Catalyst Kit
Angela Ludvigsen University of Wisconsin River Falls Whispering Gallery Modes Used to Determine the Changing Size of Levitated Aerosol Droplets in a Fluctuating Optical Trap
Casey Morean Lock Haven University Local density of states measurements via STM and TS on clean fresh cleaved HOPG and Gold thin films on HOPG under ambient conditions
Joseph Newman Augusta University Coexistence of anti-ferromagnetism and anisotropic superconductivity in iron pnictides
Alexander Price Augusta University Spin wave Feynman diagram vertex computation package
Jair Robinson University of South Florida High Q-factor Surface Plasmon-Polariton Resonance in a Plasmonic Perfect Absorber in the Terahertz Regime
Pablo Sepulveda University of Puerto Rico - Humacao Electrical response of monolayer MoS2 to vapors of aliphatic alcohols
Vince Shaw Xavier University Simulation of the Effects of Cooling Techniques on Turbine Blade Heat Transfer
Krishma Singal Georgia Institute of Technology Guiding brine shrimp through mazes by solving reaction diffusion equations
CurtisLee Thornton Augusta University A MATLAB GUI to study Ising model phase transition
Ilona Tsuper Cleveland State University Deducing Shape of Anisotropic Particles in Solution from Light Scattering: Spindles and Nanorods
Zachariah Vicars University of Tennessee Knoxville Charge Transport and Stuctural Dynamics in Phosphonium-based Ionic Liquids
Evelyn Vila Baker University Optimization of Fe3O4 Nanoparticle Synthesis
Alexandra Vlk Towon University Anion Photoelectron Spectroscopy of the Homogenous 2-Hydroxypyridine Dimer Electron Induced Proton Transfer System
Erik Vyhmeister Andrews University Lattice thermal conductance of quantum wires with disorder
Kareem Wahid University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Doped Lanthanum Hafnates as Scintillating Materials for High-Energy Photon Detection



April Meeting 2015

April 11 - 14, 2015 • Baltimore, Maryland
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April Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Remmi Baker Millikin University Sonochemical Synthesis and Magnetic Imaging of Hollow-Shell Iron-Platinum Nanoparticles
Edward Callaghan Drexel University Cosmic Ray Induced Bit-Flipping Experiment
Hannah Glaser Northern Virginia Community College Lifetime of Cosmic-Ray Muons and the Standard Model of Fundamental Particles
Rachel Hyneman College of William & Mary Near-field effects in radio-frequency emission from particle showers in a dense medium
Jessica Muenkel Siena College CMS Made Simple: A ROOT-less workflow for educating undergraduates about CMS data analysis
Srividya Murthy George Washington University Macroscopic Velocity Amplification in Stacked Disks
Matthew Parsons Drexel University Neoclassical bootstrap current models for describing NSTX plasmas
Ryan Petersburg University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Electromagnet Design for an Experimental Search for CP Violation in Positronium Decay
Melanie Rehfuss Temple University Optimizing UV-glass multi-anode PMTs with a p-Terphenyl wavelength shifter
Rhys Taus Loyola Marymount University Relativistic orbits in a generalized uncertainty principle spacetime


March Meeting 2015

March 2 - 6, 2015 • San Antonio, Texas
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March Meeting Presentation Winners
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Name Institution Presentation
Eli Adler Ithaca College Analysis of layer-by-layer thin-film oxide growth using RHEED and Atomic Force Microscopy
Janae Bradley University of Missouri Columbia Systematic Studies of Phase Transitions in Thermo-Responsive Polymers Used in Targeted Drug Delivery
James Bufkin Angelo State University Simulation of Planetary Formation using Python
Thaddeus Cox Linfield College Capacitance measurements of defects in solar cells: checking the model assumptions (he was co-presenting with Justin Davis).
Justin Davis Linfield College Capacitance measurements of defects in solar cells: checking the model assumptions
Derek Fogel Wake Forest University Monitoring Residual Solvent Additives and Their Effects in Solution Processed Solar Cells
Donovan Herbert Xavier University Effects of Turbulence on Cosmic Ray Propagation in Protostar Systems
Erik Lee Iowa State University Determination of stimulation focality in heterogeneous head models during transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
Daniel Lin Oregon State University A Novel Method of Line Detection using Image Integration Method
Angela Ludvigsen University of Wisconsin River Falls Exploration of Whispering Gallery Modes in an Optically Trapped Aerosol Droplet
Rachel Owen Western Washington University Electromagnetic cavities as an analog to chaos regularization of quantum tunneling rates
Joanna Perido University of Texas at San Antonio Porphyrin Induced Laser Deactivation of Trypsinogen-Trypsin Conversion
Kelby Peterson Utah State University Detergent Stabilized Nanopore Formation Kinetics of an Anthrax Protein
Charles Rackson Seattle University Capacitively-coupled differential position detection in the development of a high-sensitivity torsion balance
Alexander Schachtner University of Oregon Solution Processed Polymeric Semiconductors for Carbon Nanotube-Enabled, Vertical, Organic Field Effect Transistors
Connor Shea Ithaca College The Characteristic Phase Transitions of Co-doped BaFe2As2 Synthesized via Flux Growth



March Meeting 2014

March 3 - 4, 2014 • Denver, Colorado
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March Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Gregory Gallagher Indiana State University How They (Should Have) Built the Pyramids
Deborah Good Colorado School of Mines Macroscopic Quantum Mechanics, Tunnelling, and Classical Gravity
Steven Hackenberg Colorado School of Mines Aiming lasers into the sky from the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory at astrophysical objects of interest
James Ham Colorado School of Mines Simulating FinFET Self-Heating for Device Reliability
Salman Kahn University of California Berkeley Photo-induced Modulation Doping in Graphene/Boron Nitride Heterostructures
Laura Kaiser Xavier University Fluid Manipulation Utilizing Electrowetting Techniques
Inna Kirilyuk Mary Baldwin College Low-cost Flexible Memristor Fabrication
David Martin Wheaton College Simulations of MHD Dynamo With and Without the Reversal Surface
Samuel Migirditch Appalachian State University Analysis Methods for Frequency Resolved Florescence Anisotropy Studies
Constance Owens Houston Baptist University Effects of added dopants on various triboluminescent properties of europium dibenzoylmethide triethylammonium (EuD4TEA)
Constance Owens Houston Baptist University Potential Wells and the Generalized Uncertainty Principle
Marie Pahlmeyer Seattle University Scanning capacitance microscopy using a relaxation oscillator
Madison Perry California State University, San Marcos  Characterization of universal dielectric response and negative capacitance in compressed nanopowders
Shannon Petersen Allegheny College Characterizing the Effect of Surface Hydrophobicity on Depletion Layer
Han Sae Jung UC Berkeley Direct CVD Growth of Monolayer Graphene on Exfoliated BN on SiO2
Alexander Schachtner University of Oregon Silicon Nitride Diffraction Gratings On Platinum TEM Apertures
Ashlyn Shellito Northern Illinois University  Mu2e Extinction Monitor Testing at Fermilab
Hannah Shuman Cleveland State University Characterization of Mixed Polypeptide Colloidal Particles by Light Scattering
Yura Sim Linfield College Self-organized criticality of protein folding simulations using AMBER parameters
Tracy Stevenson University of Florida Synthesis and characterization of the physical properties of RE3TiSb5 (RE = La, Ce) 
Michelle Storms Ohio Wesleyan University Entanglement in ground and excited states of gapped fermion systems and their relationship with fermi surface and thermodynamic equilibrium properties 
Phong Vo Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Effect of Nonlinearity on Topological States in Quasiperiodic Lattices


April Meeting 2014

April 5 - 6, 2014 • Savannah, Georgia
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March Meeting 2013

March 18 - 19, 2013 • Baltimore Maryland
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March Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Amina Belkadi Khalifa University Spin Noise Spectroscopy and Some Design Constraints on Spintronics Devices
Ian Bentley Xavier University Developing a Novel, Interdisciplinary Approach to Study Protein Unfolding
Shouvik Bhattacharya Minnesota State University Morehead Estimating the Distance and Metallicity of an RR Lyrae Star
Matt Bovyn Northern Arizona University Driving Sodium-Potassium Pumps With An Oscillating Electric Field: Effects On Muscle Recovery In The Human Biceps Brachii
Arthur Bowman Hope College Modeling Plasma Formation in a Micro-gap at Microwave Frequency
Chance Brown East Tennessee State University Development of Embedded Atom Potential for Aluminum for Simulation of Materials at extreme conditions
Melinda Cartolano Wheaton College Exploring the variability of ion heating at reconnection events in MST
Benjamin Cerjan Carleton College Complex Refractive Index Structures in a Holographic Photopolymer Optimized for Optofluidic Devices
Timothy Clark University of West Florida Construction and Characterization of a Nanosecond Nd:YAG Laser Pumped Distributed Feedback Dye Laser Generating Picosecond Pulses
Trinidy Combs Oberlin College Synthesis and characterization of iron platinum magnetic nanoparticles with controlled morphology and size
Daniel Craft Brigham Young University Studies of electron spin in GaAs quantum dots
Samuel Cupp Austin Peay State University The Angular Momentum Flux in the Scalar Self-Force Problem
Timothy Findling University of Central Florida Structure and dynamics of Au/Fe nano-structures: results of molecular dynamics simulation
Albert Foster Lock Haven University SAM surface domains of 6-Amino-1-hexanethiol hydrochloride and 1-dodecanethiol mixtures on Au(111) investigated via hydrophilic and hydrophobic probes
Ryan Fukuda California State University - Fresno Reverse Micelle Synthesis of Gadolinium Nanoparticlesbr>
Caleb Glaser Lock Haven University Structural Properties of Gold Thin Films Deposited on Technologically Important Substrates by Magnetron Sputtering
Christopher Green Lock Haven University Electrical characterization of polymer solar cells
Simeon Hanks Augusta State University High temperature series expansion and the exact solution study of the 1/5 depleted square lattice Ising model
Jason Huynh University of Delaware Iron-Platinum Nanoparticles Dispersible in Aqueous Solutions
Bingqing Li Bryn Mawr College Study of Thermal Conductivity of Si Nanowires with micro-Raman Spectroscopy
Sumit Libi Southeastern Louisiana University Zeta Potential Measurements of Glyoxalated Polyacrylamide (GPAM) Resins
Nickolas Luttrell University of Tennessee Growth and Characterization of Mn-doped NaFeAs
Samantha MacIntyre University of California Davis Effects of Sputtering Energy on Surface Defect Formation on Ge(110)
Donovan Myers Louisiana State University Magnetic Properties of Quasi-One-Dimensional Ca3LiRuO6 and CaFe4As3
Christopher Rotella Rowan University Properties of Ti8C5 thin films created at different temperatures using magnetron sputtering
Zachary Sims University of Tennessee Growth and Characterization of Na-doped KFeAs
J.F. Stormes Dickinson College Intrinsic Localized Modes in nonlinear two-dimensional electrical lattices
Liam Timms Dickinson College Synchronization in a network of phase-coupled oscillators: the role of learning and time delay


April Meeting 2013

April 13 - 14, 2013 • Denver, Colorado
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome

April Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Alexey Drobizhev University of California, Berkeley Low-temperature thermal conductivity measurements of Al2O3 ceramic for use in bolometric particle detector
Christiana Erba University of Rochester Toy Monte Carlo Simulations Mirroring K-Long Decay, as Studied by the K0TO Experiment
Joseph Jensen Utah State University Resolving Ionospheric E-region Modeling Challenges: The Solar Photon Flux Dependence
Didier Muvandimwe Hendrix College Synoptic Displays for HBESL and the Laser Lab System
Jorge Palos-Chavez University of Texas San Antonio Binding and Irradition Study of the Porphyrin-Protein Complex TSPP-HAS
Rosanna Ramos and Marcus Wade Hartnell College Towards Implementing Multi-Pixel Photon Counters as Light Detectors for Cosmic Rays
Erik Urban Hendrix College Monte Carlo Studies of the Hall C Compton Polarimeter



March Meeting 2012

February 27 - February 28, 2012 • Boston, Massachusetts
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome

April Meeting 2012

March 31 - April 1, 2012 • Atlanta, Georgia
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome


March Meeting 2011

March 21 - March 22, 2011 • Dallas, Texas
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome

March Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Nyles Breecher Hamline University   Exploring a Parasite-Host Model with Monte Carlo Simulations
Cortney Bougher Appalachian State University Growth and Morphology of High Mobility Organic Semiconductors
Katherine Carrasquillo Univ. of Puerto Rico-Humacao  Tunable Schottky diodes fabricated from electrospun crossed SNO2/PEDOT-PSSA nanoribbons
Eric Driscoll Lock Haven University of PA Compositional dependence of the narrow band emission from zinc oxide nanowires
Erik Garcell University of Florida-Gainesville Characterization of a MEMS Actuator through Simulation
Udai Garimella Hendrix College The Optimization and Implementation of the Qweak Database
Michael Garman Goucher College Thermal Conductivity of a two-gap superconductor MgB2 in High Magnetic Field and Low Temperatures
Adam Iaizzi Ithaca College An Ab-initio Study of Folded Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons
Verida Leandre North Carolina AT SU The 11C Project: Measurement of Root Exudation at Elevated CO2 Levels in Low and High Nutrient Solutions
Catherine Lee Wellesley College Effects of Interactions on Interference Pattern formed after release and expansion of two identical Bose-Einstein condensates
Anne Moffitt Texas Christian University Drug Loading of Mesoporous Silicon
Maritza Reyna Univ. of Puerto Rico-Humacao Low Temperature Study of the Electrical Properties of Sb-SnO2 Nanofibers
Emilee Sena Santa Clara University UV-vis and Transport Characterization of Degradation in Polymer Blend Photovoltaics
Yichen Shen Johns Hopkins University Emergent magnetic monopoles and their dynamics in Artificial Spin Ice
Amy Van Newkirk Grove City College Designing an Optical Dipole Trap for the Creation of Bose-Einstein Condensates


April Meeting 2011

April 30 - May 1, 2011 • Anaheim, California
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome


March Meeting 2010

March 15 - March 16, 2010 • Portland, Oregon
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome

April Meeting 2010

February 14 - February 15, 2010 • Washington, D.C.
Gray Arrow Undergraduate Epitome


April Meeting 2009

May 2 - May 3, 2009 • Denver, Colorado

April Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation
Robert Anthony Ohio Wesleyan University Toward a Study of Synchronization in Quantum Mechanical Josephson Junction Arrays
Sedona Price Caltech Simulating Background Radiation to Establish NuSTAR Detection Limits
Benjamin Ray CDF/FNAL Search for a Fermiophobic Higgs Boson Decaying into Diphotons at CDF
Dominick Rocco University of Wisconsin - Madison Seasonal Variations of the Atmospheric Muon Flux in IceCube
Mallory Young Hendrix College Neutrino-Stimulated Pair-Creation in Supernovae
Jessica Snyder University of Kansas Measuring neutron flow with an upgrade of the CMS Zero Degree Calorimeter
D.C. Stoken Ursinus College One Neutron Knockout from 45Cl
Dennis Gardner University of Colorado at Boulder Nanoparticle Self-Assembly in the Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Blue Phase



April Meeting 2008

April 14, 2008 • St. Louis, Missouri

April Meeting Presentation Winners

Name Institution Presentation

Adam Jacobs

Hendrix College Using a Large Ring Laser Gyroscope (RLG) to Understand the Torsional Components of Near-Field Seismic Events
Mary Williams University of North Alabama Whispering-Gallery-Mode Resonances in Flourescent Microspheres
Nathan Brewer Union University Probing the Unusual Thresholds of AlH+/AlD+ formation by Molecular Dynamic Simulations on MRCI Potential Energy Surfaces
Laura Stiles University of Kansas Search for QCD Hawking Radiation in Heavy Ion Collisions
Yun Kyoung Ryu Ohio Wesleyan University SPS Outstanding Student Award for Undergraduate Research Talk: Lifetime Measurements and Deformation in 79 Sr
Gabriel Caceres Augustana College CDMS Veto Stability Study and Calibration
Jessica Hanzlik The Ohio State University Improving the Higgs Mass Resolution by Using a Neural Network to Make Jet Corrections in the ZH -> l+l-bb Channel
Doug Schaefer The Ohio State University Resolving the Higgs

Lindsey Perry

The Ohio State University

Understanding Charged Particle Backgrounds for GLAST

Andrew Schenk Millikin University Improving Campus Security with Increased Lighting Efficiency while Simultaneously Reducing Light Pollution
Adam Jakus Georgia Institute of Technology Modeling and Simulation of the Impact Response of Filled and Unfilled Linear Cellular Alloys for Structural Energetic Material Applications
Robert Mentzer Millikin University Measuring Coefficients of Friction for Materials Commonly Used in Theatre


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