Invited Symposium Nomination Instructions

APS March Meeting 2018

Full Instructions: Invited Symposium Nomination


ScholarOne allows you to submit (and later edit) an Invited Symposium Nomination. A complete submission must include a chair and five speakers. Incomplete nominations may not be evaluated by the committee.

TIP: If you need to exit your submission and return to complete it at a later time, remember to click Save or Save & Continue on any page you enter data.


  • Invited Speakers who gave a technical invited talk last year for this meeting are not eligible to give another technical invited talk. Please verify that your nominated speakers are not on the prior speakers list. (List of past speakers)
  • All talks are considered technical unless they fall into the following categories: public policy, education, history, etc.
  • Please try to provide complete nominations. Complete nominations should include an appropriate Session Title and Justification, a Session Chair, and five speakers. You may also optionally include up to two additional substitute speakers at the end of the list of speakers.
  • When entering the information for an invited speaker, please include a valid email address, an appropriate title & abstract, and provide any recent relevant publications. The use of placeholder information is strongly discouraged and may exclude your nomination from full consideration.


  1. Click the Create New Submission link.
  2. Select a Submission Type. Each submission type has different requirements, so once you choose a type, you cannot modify it. You must create a new submission to choose a different submission type.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Confirm your submission type selection by clicking Continue With This Type or click Choose Another Type to change your selection.


Nominators will be required to provide a title and justification for your symposium nomination.

  1. Complete all of the required fields pertaining to your submission on this step.
  2. Click Save & Continue.


Nominators must indicate which unit(s) are sponsoring this session and the kind of invited session being proposed: Invited, Panel, or Prize/Award

  1. Complete all of the required fields pertaining to your submission on this step.
  2. Click Save & Continue.


PLEASE NOTE: This software uses the term "authors" to describe session chairs, any invited speaker or any substitute speaker.

TIP: The system aims to create unique records for each individual. Before creating a new speaker ("author"), you will need to search the database following the instructions below. Please note that when searching all entered fields will be required to match exactly, so it is best to search either by email address or last name (not both) as a starting point. You can also use an * to do wildcard searches to avoid problems with email or name variants.

A complete session will have a chair and 5 invited speakers. You may add up to two additional substitute speakers at the end of the speaker list.

Please add the speaker you are nominating here.

  1. To add a chair or speaker, click the Add Author button.
    • The Search for Author to Add fields will display.
    • Enter search criteria in the any of the fields, and then click Search.
    • If a speaker is found in the system, the name will populate in the search results below.
      • To add a speaker from search results, click the Add link to the left of the authors name and the name will be added to the current author list.
      • If the speaker in the search results is not the person you are looking for or if the person is not found after searching, click the Create An Author button.
    • If you chose the Create An Author button, follow these steps to create a new speaker record.
      • Note: Please ensure you have searched for an existing author account before creating a new author account.
    • The Create An Author screen displays. Complete the required fields First/Given Name, and Last/Family Name.
    • Click Submit Created Author.
    • Before the new speaker record is created, you will be asked to verify the speaker information. If you find an error, click the Edit Information link in the left corner to make the necessary changes, or click Submit Created Author.
    • The new speaker is displayed.
  2. If the found person is supposed to be chair, click the radio button under Chair and provide the chair's affiliation and indicate where they have been confirmed or not as a chair.
  3. If the found person is supposed to be an invited speaker, please provide their affiliation, title, justification, notification status, and whether they are giving a technical talk (see Guidelines above). Substitute speakers should be indicated by checking the appropriate checkbox.
  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 until your proposed session has one chair and 5 invited speakers. Substitute speakers are optional.
  5. When finished with the Author screen, click Save & Continue.


Review & Submit allows you to preview the information that was entered on each step of the submission process and a green check mark will display to the left of the step if it was completed successfully.

  1. Review your submission information. If any information needs to be updated, click the Edit button next to the step name.
  2. Click the View Proof link to view the Abstract Proof in a new window.
  3. If complete, click the Submit button.
  4. The View Submission screen will display and will list the submission you just created in the Submission section.