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Energy Future Report  Who's  Who

2008 APS Officers

Arthur Bienenstock
  Judy Franz
Executive Officer
Cherry Murray
Joseph Serene
Curtis Callan
Vice President
Gene Sprouse
Leo Kadanoff
Past President

Study Group Members

George Crabtree
Argonne National Laboratory

Mark Levine
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Leon Glicksman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Michael Lubell
American Physical Society &
Department of Physics, The City College of CUNY
David Goldstein
Natural Resources Defense Council

  Burton Richter, Chair
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,
Stanford University
David Goldston, Vice-Chair
Harvard University
Former Chief of Staff,
House Science Committee
  Maxine Savitz
The Advisory Group

David Greene
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  Daniel Sperling
University of California, Davis
Dan Kammen
University of California, Berkeley

Study Group Research and Editorial Staff

Fred Schlachter
American Physical Society  
John Scofield
Oberlin College  
James Dawson
American Institute of Physics  

Study Group Administrative Staff

Study Pagination and Graphics

Jeanette Russo
American Physical Society
Study Administrator

  Kerry G. Johnson
American Physical Society
Art Director
Special Publications Manager

Review Panel Members

Robert A. Frosch
Senior Research Associate
Science, Technology and Public Policy Program
Harvard Kennedy School
  Lee Schipper
Fellow Emeritus
University of California, Berkeley

CT.J. Glauthier
President and CEO
Electricity Innovation Institute

James Sweeney, Chair
Professor, Management Science & Engineering
Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Stanford University