Careers in Private Sector

Explore the career paths of physicists in industry jobs working in R&D, consulting and more!

Bachelor's Degree

Brian Andrews thumb image
Brian Andrews
A previous attempt has proven to put more obstacles in Brian’s path, but that hasn’t stopped him.
December Martin
December Martin
A former hardware engineer, December manages projects in the biomedical technology industry to produce medical devices.
Jacqueline Benitez thumb
Jacqueline Benitez
Jacque, an education specialist, teaches students around the world through her virtual classroom.
Maggie Seeds
Maggie's first love may have been astronomy, but her current jet-set lifestyle as a technology consultant keeps her mind limber and her skymiles rolling in.
hayek thumb
Nicolas Hayek
What do watches and SmartCars have in common? Ask Nicolas Hayek, physics student gone world-famous businessman.
Wendy Laurin small image
Wendy Laurin
After working in publishing for thirty years, Wendy began teaching physics at a community college. She also consults in photonics.
Zahra Hussaini thumb
Zahra Hussaini
Zahra, a Site Reliability Engineer, works to fix issues with Google Search to make it more reliable.

Master's Degree

Alison Binkowski
Alison is a physicist, policy analyst, avid traveler, and proficient in Spanish and Mandarin.
bwouters- thumb
Brent Wouters
A love for aircraft took Brent to the top of the corporate ladder.
Chien Chung (Didi) Pei
Didi has contributed his design skills to structures all over the world.
Barrow 1
Christina Barrow
Christina uses physics everyday to make sure that veterans receive quality cancer radiation treatments.
Collin Joseph
Collin loves to cook when he's not too busy in the biophysics lab.
David X. Cohen
David grew up surrounded by science, but chose to pursue comedy writing as a career.
Joe Meyer
Joe Meyers
Innovation and physics run in his blood, so he started his own educational video game company, Lilac.
Nathan Swift
Nathan Swift
How do hedgehogs, physics, and business mix? Ask Nathan, a startup founder.
Paul Markoff–Johnson
Paul has spent most of his career working on creating incredibly thin coatings made of materials selected for their special abilities.
Rhett Creighton
Ever had a brilliant idea? Rhett uses physics to make his reality.
Sam Wurzel
A physicist's problem sparked Sam's innovative business.

Doctorate Degree

Albin Gonzalez
Think physics and medicine don't mix? Think again! Discover the field of medical physics and Albin, a medical physicist helping patients beat cancer.
Amy Ziegler thumb
Amy Ziegler
Amy, an Intellectual Property Attorney and part owner of her law firm, enjoys the fast pace and variety of working in trademarks.
Deborah Berebichez
As a child in Mexico, Debbie was told science wasn't for girls. Debbie however broke down that barrier and is now a Wall Street analyst. She invites all girls to join her!
Desiré Whitmore
Desiré Whitmore
Desiré found her dream job at the Exploratorium, a museum where she works in science education and teaches hands-on professional development workshops.
Jessica Kirkpatrick photo thumb
Jessica Kirkpatrick
Jessica utilizes her astrophysics background through data science to understand the world around her.
Kenny Jensen
Kenny's inventing mind and love for sailing has him tackling renewable energy in innovative ways.
Megan Anzelc thumb
Meghan Anzelc
Searching for non-academic career paths after graduate school led Meghan to a career in data and analytics.
Neha Pachauri 2 thumb
Neha Pachauri
Neha has worked with some of the world’s most cutting-edge technology as a Process Technology Development Engineer.
Tracee Walker Gilbert thumb image
Tracee Walker Gilbert
The physicist who did it all - and then she started her own business to top it off.
Yung Tae Kim
Dr. Tae believes skateboarding can save math and science education, and he thinks you'll agree.

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