Careers in Government/National Labs

Gain some insight into the role of scientists working at national labs!

Bachelor's Degree

Anthony Day
Working as an electronics technician and an undergraduate researcher put Anthony on the path to a national lab.

Master's Degree

Ginger Kerrick
Who says only kids dream of space exploration? Ginger chased her dreams in spite of many setbacks.
Julia Scherschligt thumb
Julia Scherschligt
Julia manages a team at NIST responsible for the fundamental measurements of temperature and pressure for the US

Doctorate Degree

Beth Brown
High school physics bore Beth so much she dropped it- but a look through a telescope changed her mind.
Brenda Rubenstein thumb
Brenda Rubenstein
As an Assistant Professor and prior postdoc at a national lab, Brenda pursues her research interests and mentors students.
Claudia Alexander
Claudia wrote science fiction and rode horses when she wasn't studying comets and moons.
Cody Gette photo
Cody Gette
Cody was drawn to physics because of the interest and challenge of the coursework.
Ellen Ochoa
Ellen once considered an education in music, but instead, she became the first Hispanic woman in space.
Franklin Chang-Diaz
Franklin didn't let international boundaries keep him from dreams of space flight.
Hakeem Oluseyi
Hakeem turned to physics to escape his rough neighborhood. Now, he's an astrophysicist, professor, and philanthropist.
Kathy McCormick thumb
Kathy McCormick
Kathy's work in radiation detection at national labs gave her the physics background that assists her as a subject matter expert for the US Government.

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