Downloading InSight Physics Slide Shows

Slide Show Formats

Each slide show download contains a folder with a zipped PowerPoint file and the movie files used in the show. Two versions are available, for Windows PC PowerPoint and Mac PowerPoint. You do not need to have PowerPoint installed to run the slide shows.

  • Standard - Fits a standard computer screen
    Use Standard if the show will be displayed on standard CRT computer monitors
  • Widescreen - Fits a widescreen display
    Use Wide if the show will be displayed on flat-screened LCD monitors
  • Video (.mp4) - Also fits a widescreen display
    Use Video if you are running neither Windows nor Mac operating systems

PC (Windows) Instructions

Download PC Standard
Download PC WidescreenDownload MPEG4

  1. Download the Slide show (3 - 5 MB) by clicking the button and saving the .ppsx file to your Desktop for easy access.
  2. Extract the files from the archive by selecting the file and clicking on Extract All in the File drop-down menu.

    Red arrow Note: Double-clicking on the downloaded .zip file will not extract the files. Double-clicking on the downloaded .zip file will only allow you to view the content of the archived folder. The PowerPoint slide show will not function correctly if you do not extract the files from the archive first.
  3. Double-click on the PhysicsInSight.ppsx PowerPoint slide show. The show will begin and will run in a continuous loop.

    If you are using the video version, open the file with your preferred player, and select "full screen" mode. The show will begin to play.

    Red arrow Note: You will need to set your player to repeat the video in order for it to play in a continuous loop.  Please refer to documentation for your individual video software for instructions on how to do this.
  4. To exit the slide show, hit Esc (Escape)

Mac Instructions

Download Mac StandardDownload Mac Widescreen

  1. Click on the button to download the .zip file (3 - 5 MB). Navigate to the file location and double-click on the .zip file. This should instantly extract the Power Point file to the current location.
  2. Double-click on the PhysicsInSight.ppsx The show will begin and will run in a continuous loop.
  3. To exit the slide show, hit Esc (Escape).

Want To Add Your Own Slides?

No problem! Simply follow the instructions below to customize your slideshow.
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Having difficulty with the download or slide show?  Contact Crystal Bailey ( for assistance.

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