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Send Us Your Ideas!
We want to promote physics among students.  Know about unusual careers that started with a B.S. in physics, opportunities in physics, and interesting physics-related information?  Please share it with us.

To suggest or submit information for consideration, please e-mail the following information to Crystal Bailey (

  • URL of the physics highlight
  • Brief description of the physics associated with the image or movie.
  • Contact information for the physicist(s) involved in creating the image/movie.

If we select your suggestion, we will contact you for additional information.  

NOTE:  If the image or movie is not available on the web and is under 2 MB, please attach it to the email. If it is not under 2 MB, please let us know and we will be in touch about other ways to view it.

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Because some information on the slide show expires (e.g., scholarship applications), the slides are updated each academic semester. 

Send your e-mail address to Crystal Bailey ( and we'll let you know when a new slide show is released.
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