InSight: Physics Slideshows

Physics InSight is a series of slideshows designed to inform and excite undergraduates about physics. Slideshow topics include:

  • Physicist profiles with diverse career paths
  • Skills used by physicists in their various professions
  • Statistics on physics careers
  • APS resources for undergraduate physics majors
  • Internship and conference opportunities for undergraduates

APS hopes these slide shows will be shown in venues frequented by potential physics majors, such as university science buildings.

Physics Insight is designed to allow users to add their own content to the slideshows. You can either insert content onto blank slides which look similar to the other Physics InSight slides, or add your own pre-existing Power Point slides. Learn how to customize InSight slides.

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September 2019 Slides: Physics InSight Slideshows

While the full slideshows are available for download through the download button above, below you can find more information about each slide. Scroll down and gain deeper InSight by clicking around and learning more about each slide topic!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 2

Slide 2: Physicist Profile: Paul Markoff-Johnson (He/Him), Director of Product Development

Paul pursued physics due to the broader scope of careers it offers. Now, he is the director of product development at a thin film company. Click the thumbnail to learn more about his career!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 3

Slide 3: Physics at Work: What Skills Does a Product Developer Use?

Physicists working in industry utilize all kinds of skills and many conduct research in their jobs. Learn more about industrial physicists by clicking the thumbnail.

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 4

Slide 4: The Power of Physics: A Physics Masters Degree Opens Doors to a Variety of Different Career Paths

Explore the many kinds of career opportunities you can pursue with a Masters in physics.

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 5

Slide 5: Tune Into Physics: SPS and APS Present: Future of Physics Days

If you’ve done some research and have yet to attend a conference, APS Future of Physics Days events for undergraduates is the place for you!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 6

Slide 6: Physicist Profile: Jackie Blaum (She/Her), SPS Summer Intern 2019

Jackie’s amazing work led to a set of playing cards featuring 26 women and gender minorities in physics!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 7

Slide 7: “25 Seconds of Physics” Making Use of Radioactivity for Safety

Did you know that many smoke alarms use radioactivity? Learn more about the physics behind how they work!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 8

Slide 8: Physicist Profile: Jax Sanders (They/Them), Assistant Professor

Learn more about Jax’s amazing career path that started with an internship they got due to their physics AND carpentry skills!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 9

Slide 9: Physics At Work: What Skills Do Physics Faculty Members Use?

What do your professors do when they’re not teaching or holding office hours? Find out more!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 10

Slide 10: Tune Into Physics: Consider Attending 1 of the 13 CUWiP Conferences

CUWiP conferences are a great place to present your research, learn about grad schools and physics careers, and network in an environment welcoming to all women and gender minorities.

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 11

Slide 11: 25 Seconds of Physics: What Physics Can We Learn from Ice Cream?

Ever wonder why low-fat ice cream tastes different? Find out why!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 12

Slide 12: Physicist Profile: Jacqueline Benitez (She/Her), Distance Learning Educator

Did you know you can use your physics bachelor’s to teach students from around the world? Learn about Jacque’s unique and inspiring career as a virtual educator!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 13

Slide 13: Tune Into Physics: Working Towards Your Degree? Start Preparing for the Job Search Now!

Not sure how to prepare for your physics career? Click through APS’s easy to follow Professional Guidebook that can help you assess your skills, write a resume, and more!

September 2019 Insight Slideshow slide 14

Slide 14: The Power of Physics: A Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Pays Off!

How much is your physics bachelor’s worth? Take a look at the data!