Pop-Up Classes: Physics Learning Above and Beyond "The Usual"

About the Webinar

Many physics educators have shown recent interest in "pop-up" classes, which are informal, extra-curricular workshops on assorted topics. These courses allow the development of hands-on technical proficiencies, career skills, and other competencies in a fun, low pressure environment. Pop-up classes are common elements in many innovation and entrepreneurship programs nationwide, and are becoming increasingly common in engineering as well.

In this webinar, Linda Barton, Associate Professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, describes how offering pop-up classes in physics departments can be an easy, minimum-investment way to offer new opportunities to physics students beyond the traditional curriculum. She describes her own experience of offering pop-up courses at RIT, and gives advice on how to plan and launch new courses at your institution.

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Linda Barton

Linda Barton
Rochester Institute of Technology


Crystal Bailey

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