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APS Meetings are a great place to network, and networking is one of the most powerful tools for advancing your career. Networking, however, can be fraught with awkwardness and insincerity. Let Deanna Ratnikova and Kimberly Short help you overcome your networking fears with this webinar on etiquette and strategies for networking at APS Meetings.

Deanna Ratnikova
Deanna Ratnikova, Women and Education Programs Administrator for the American Physical Society, gives networking skills and advice.

Kimberly Short
Kimberly Short, first year graduate student at UCLA, moderates the discussion.

Ratnikova headshot
Deanna Ratnikova

Kimberly Short
Kimberly Short

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PLEASE NOTE:  Due to a technical error during the presentation, there is approximately one minute of silence in the video.  Please disregard this portion of the presentation during playback.

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