Applying to Graduate Programs in the United States: Strategies for Success

For many students who are non-US citizens, the task of searching for and applying to graduate schools in the US can seem like a daunting task. In this webinar, Amber Amari, Director of Graduate and Scheduling Services at Georgia State University, and Unil Perera, former Graduate Director for the GSU Physics program provide basic information on the process, as well as detailed advice on how to improve your chances for success with departmental admissions committees.

Abhishek Kumar, recent physics PhD graduate from University of Massachusetts-Lowell, moderates the discussion.

Topics include:

  • Graduate School Prerequisites (such as the GRE, TOEFL exam, and transcripts)
  • Selection of Graduate Programs
  • Online Application Processes
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Choice of References

Download the Presentation Format - PDF

head shot
Amber Amari, Director of Graduate and Scheduling Services, Georgia State University

Unil Perera, Former Physics Graduate Director, Georgia State University

Abhishek Kumar, Recent Physics Ph.D. Graduate, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

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