Teaching Agile Management

The Fast-Paced, Iterative Project Management Style Used from Amazon to NASA

In this interactive webinar, Wouter Deconinck introduces agile management — a system that relies on quick, iterative development as opposed to more traditional, "top down" approaches. Used by many successful organizations, from Amazon to NASA, agile management is an empowering process allowing students to see quick results and take an active role as a member of a team.

This webinar presents a CubeSat activity developed at William & Mary which can be used to teach your physics students agile management. It was developed as a part of the APS PIPELINE project, a collaborative project to develop curricula that teach physics innovation and entrepreneurship (PIE).

Crystal Bailey, Head of Career Programs at APS, moderates the discussion.

Teaching Agile Management

Wouter Deconinck
University of Manitoba

Teaching Agile Management

Crystal Bailey
American Physical Society

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