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Thomas H. Stix Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Plasma Physics Research

Please join in supporting and encouraging young plasma physics researchers by contributing to the endowment campaign for the Thomas H. Stix Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Plasma Physics Research.

Support the Thomas H. Stix Award

Established in 2013 with generous support from the Division of of Plasma Physics (DPP), the Thomas H. Stix Award for Outstanding Early Career Contributions to Plasma Physics Research recognizes and encourages young researchers in many areas — including, but not limited to fundamental plasma physics, fusion plasmas, astrophysical or space plasmas, low-temperature plasmas, or high-energy-density plasmas.

The endowment of this Award ensure that young scientists are recognized in perpetuity for their contributions. Recipients will be presented with the a $3,000 stipend and a certificate citing their contributions at the annual meeting of the DPP.

Thomas Stix
Credit: AIP

Goal Met!

Stix bar graph final

"It has been a tremendous honor to receive an award in Dr. Stix’s name. I used his textbook in graduate school, and his accomplishments and all the foundations he laid for the discipline of plasma physics are truly amazing. To have my work recognized by the APS is both humbling and serves as very strong encouragement, that even as a young scientist, I can have impact on a large field. The award has already opened new doors for my career — in exposure to new colleagues in the specialty as well as an endorsement of my technical abilities leading to new grants and projects. I’m very grateful to have had an opportunity to present my work in an invited talk at the APS, and to get to use the awards dinner to thank all the mentors, colleagues, and friends that have supported me."

Tammy Ma

Tammy Ma
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2016 Thomas H. Stix Award Recipient

"Thomas Stix is a founding figure of plasma physics and engineering. His contributions, profound and varied, came to define what is today a vibrant, exciting, and incredibly diverse field of science. In setting very high standards for intellectual rigor and originality, Stix deeply inspired colleagues and the generations that followed. Receiving the Stix award as a young scientist is certainly an immense honor; but, to me, what stands out is the tremendous responsibility that comes with it. For it implies, or, rather, demands, a daily-renewed search for excellence, and aspiration to constantly surpass myself. I am certain that my fellow awardees share this feeling, as will future ones. And so the American Physical Society found a way to perpetuate Stix’s presence and influence. The community is richer and better for it."


Nuno Gomes Loureiro
2015 Thomas H. Stix Award Recipient

"Receiving the Thomas H. Stix Award from the APS was a great honor for me. It also awed me. Although I never met Prof. Stix in person, there have been many times when I felt that my career path is mysteriously tied to his name. I teach the Princeton graduate course on plasma waves that Prof. Stix taught in the past, and I use his famous book as a textbook in my course. Moreover, recently, my research interests have shifted to basic wave physics, which was Prof. Stix's specialty, and I regularly find myself working on problems related to those he used to work on. After all that, becoming the first recipient of an award named after Prof. Stix was almost uncanny and therefore especially inspirational. The award is also dear to me because it recognized an exciting theoretical research that I and my colleagues pursued for many years. This research yielded somewhat radical ideas in the methodology of plasma wave theory, but they seem more and more promising as we explore their applications. The acknowledgment of our results by the APS in 2014 was very timely and facilitated their promotion. (Yes, and mine too.) That boosted our research a lot and helped us made a major progress recently. I only wish my award talk could have been given now rather than in 2014. Today, we have so many more results to present."

Ilya Dodin

Ilya Dodin
Princeton University
2014 Thomas H. Stix Award Recipient



Thank You to Our Donors

The American Physical Society would like to thank these generous donors for their contributions to the Thomas H. Stix Award:

$20,000 - $49,999
Anonymous(1), Hazel Stix

$10,000 - $19,999
Rainer Weiss, The Linda Hammett Ory & Andrew Ory Charitable Trust

$5,000 - $9,999
Michael Stix

$3,000 - $4,999
Howard Milchberg, Samuel Cohen

$1,000 - $2,999
Cary Forest, Gregory Hammett, James Glanz, Masayuki Ono, Miklos Porkolab, Robert Pinsker, Sherrie Preische, Stephen Jardin, Tech-X Corporation, Tobin Munsat, Yuan Ping

$500 - $999
Peter Politzer, Philip Snyder, Qian Qian, Robert Goldston, Timothy Gray

Up to $499
Anonymous(1), Edward Williams, Ellen Zweibel, Fulvio Zonca, Jeffrey Parker, Joshua Breslau, Prateek Sharma, Scott Hsu, Sterling Smith, William Dorland, William Heidbrink

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