The Physical Science Resource Center

PSRCThe American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), the screening and disseminating agent for the Physical Science Resource Center program (PSRC), provides both on-line access and hard copies of teaching and learning materials for physical science and physics teachers for all levels, K-16.

The information center includes bibliographies and website links to the best physical science teacher technologies, materials and procedures. The curriculum materials are selected and reviewed by scientists who have volunteered to serve as resources for the different education levels. The curriculum materials also include software and multimedia resources that can be used in the classroom with topics ranging from acoustics to statistics and thermodynamics to computers and technology.

In addition to a searchable database the site offers a career center with links to career bulletin boards, job search engines, internships and research opportunities. PSRC is quickly becoming a trusted resource for school and curriculum administrators, teachers and scientists involved in science education reform.

Additional information can be found at AAPT's website