21st Century Campaign Leadership

Campaign Executive Committee

Gordon E. Moore, Campaign Honorary Chair
Chairman Emeritus of the Board, Intel Corporation

Craig R. Barrett, Campaign Vice Chair
Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation

Campaign Executive Advisor

William F. Brinkman

Campaign Council of Nobel Laureates

Philip Anderson
Nicolaas Bloembergen
Steven Chu
Val Fitch
Jerome I. Friedman
Ivar Giaever
Donald Glaser
Herbert Hauptman
Alan J. Heeger
Dudley Herschbach
Roald Hoffmann
Russell A. Hulse
Jerome Karle
Wolfgang Ketterle
Herbert Kroemer
Leon M. Lederman
Rudolph Marcus

Mario Molina
Douglas D. Osheroff
Martin L. Perl
William D. Phillips
Norman F. Ramsey
Robert C. Richardson
Burton Richter
J. Robert Schrieffer
Melvin Schwartz
Richard Smalley
Horst L. Stormer
Charles Townes
Daniel C. Tsui
Carl E. Wieman
Ahmed Zewail

2009 APS Executive Board

Cherry Murray, President
Curtis P. Callan, Jr., President-elect
Barry Barish, Vice President
Arthur Bienenstock, Past President
Christina Back
Akif Baha Balantekin
Betty Beise
James G. Brasseur

David Ernst
Judy R. Franz
Heather Galloway
David Hammer
Wendell Talbot Hill III
Joseph Serene
Gene Sprouse

Individual Gifts Campaign - Executive Committee

William F. Brinkman, Chair
Arthur Bienenstock
Martin Blume
Ernest Henley

James McGroddy
Cherry Murray
Helen Quinn
Brian Schwartz

21st C. Campaign

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Chladni, Eric J. Heller, 2000
© Eric J. Heller, 2000

This image depicting the physical results of vibrations is symbolic of the 21st Century Campaign's belief that increased support of physics education will resonate through the community and produce equally visible and lasting results.