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APS is here for our physics community. These are turbulent times for science, not only as the value and integrity of the scientific enterprise have been seriously challenged, but also as academic institutions and research labs continue to struggle during the COVID-19 global health pandemic.

APS is working to ensure that every one of our members continues to benefit from advocacy for science mobility, can take advantage of professional development opportunities to build a stronger physics community, and are able to recognize and honor scientific achievement by creating more virtual ways to share knowledgeespecially for our early career members. For those who are able and would like to help offset these costs and that of lost meeting revenues, APS is launching a Membership Support Campaign. Please join in supporting the future of physics.

Together, we can connect physicists around the world and invest in innovation and growth. Your gift enables us to be a strong, compelling voice for physics and for sustained investment in scientific discovery that fuels our nation’s engine of innovation and growth. APS is committed to all members of our community to continue to have access to the resources and to each other during these challenging times.

Your support is ∫ to the future of physics.

APS is rapidly pivoting to meet changing member needs and offset lost meeting revenues.

For those that are able and would like to help, please support the APS Membership Support Campaign.

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