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Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science & Society

Help establish the Mildred Dresselhaus Prize in Nanoscience and Nanomaterials and support activities that will empower more women to obtain degrees and pursue careers in physics.

APS is pleased to announce the establishment of the Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science and Society to honor the remarkable scientific career and inspiring community legacy of Mildred S. Dresselhaus.

The Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science and Society will reflect the areas in which Millie excelled and left her mark. The goal is to raise a $600,000 endowment to support activities in the areas of Science and Society to honor her remarkable scientific career and inspiring legacy. This Fund is unlike any other at APS—not only will it recognize the scientific contributions of one or two recipients per year, but its reach and impact will benefit thousands of aspiring women physicists each year.

Millie Dresselhaus

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About the Fund

The Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science and Society will support:

The Dresselhaus Prize
A new prize to honor and celebrate the achievements of an individual who has excelled as a scientist and who has made significant contributions to nanoscience and nanomaterials—areas pioneered by Millie. This annual APS Prize, the first APS scientific Prize named in honor of a woman, will provide a $10,000 stipend and community recognition at the APS March Meeting.

The Dresselhaus Keynote Lecture
An equal fund to support speakers delivering the keynote address to the more than 2,000 young women attending the annual Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP), and to provide travel grants for undergraduate women who lack sufficient resources to attend. The Fund will also award mini grants to Women in Physics groups throughout the country to enable them to conduct activities on their campuses, and encourage undergraduate women to complete their degree in physics.


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"I first met Millie at Lincoln Labs, before she was a faculty member, when I was a graduate student at MIT working with Charles Townes. She was my inspiration then, as she was throughout my career. ...her work in physics will last forever..."

– Elsa Garmire, APS Senior Fellow, Sydney E. Junkins Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College

"I am pleased to donate to the Millie Dresselhaus Fund. My personal interactions with her were infrequent and only relatively late in her career, largely through our respective roles with an EFRC at Columbia University. Nonetheless, even that limited chance to met the person behind her wonderful science was a memorable experience. I also have the utmost respect for her energetic service to science and her personal presence for so many groups and individuals that represent a wonderful inspiration.

I hope this effort can be fully successful and the excellent goals for the fund can be realizes. They will certainly extend her legacy."

– Mark Hybersten,Group Leader, Theory and Computation, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory

"...As a former postdoc of Millie's it is a privilege to be able to honor her in this way. She had a profound influence on my career, and continues to be an inspiration to me. I am proud to have known her."

– Laurie E. McNeil, Bernard Gray Distinguished Professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Department of Physics and Astronomy

"Millie was both a prolific contributor to our field, particularly in the materials area, and an inspiration to so many people during her long active career. It is an honor to play some small role in honoring her through this Fund."

– Jim McGroddy, APS Senior Fellow, Donor and IBM Research, Retired

About Millie Dresselhaus

"In traditional Chinese culture, a great scholar must possess three quintessential attributes: virtuosity, versatility, and virtue. Such scholarship is considered to be the pinnacle of accomplishment to which all intellectuals aspire. In my opinion, Professor Mildred S.Dresselhaus, fondly known as "'Millie'" and "'Queen of Carbon Science,'" is one of those great scholars whose shining example will be ageless."

– Excerpts from ACS Nano 11, 5215 (2017) by Nai-Chang Yeh, Professor of Physics and Fletcher Jones Foundation Co-Director of the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at the California Institute of Technology

Millie, as she was known to everyone, made important contributions to science through her work on deciphering the secrets of carbon, discoveries on the electronic structure of semimetals, and work on nanomaterials and other nanostructural systems—contributions that have won significant accolades in and of themselves—but more than this, she was an inspiration and mentor to many young women and men as they developed into scientists and engineers.

More about Millie Dresselhaus’s remarkable life and distinguished career:


Thank You to Our Donors

The American Physical Society would like to thank these generous donors for their contributions to the Millie Dresselhaus Fund for Science and Society:

$50,000.00 and Above
Anonymous (1)

$10,000.00 - $19,999.00
Andreas and Juana Acrivos, Steven Chu, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc., Kate Kirby, Honda Research Institute USA, Texas Instruments Inc., Physics Today (in-kind contribution)

$5,000.00 - $9,999.00
Robert Byer, Marianne Cooper, Norton Williams Fund, Helen Hansma, Nobuyuki Kambe, Laurie McNeil, Cherry Murray, IBM Research, Lawrence Schmutz, Jin-Joo Song, James and Carol Tsang

$1,000.00 - $4,999.00
Samuel Bader, Edmund Bertschinger, Robert Birgeneau, Ling Miao and Dirk Jan Bukman, Patricia Burchat, David Cammack, Roberto Car, Robert Austin and Shirley Chan, Maria Chan, Tracy Chen, Deborah Chung, Wyatt Technology Corporation, Thomas DeTemple, Anonymous Donor, Michael Douglas, Witten/Nappi Charitable Fund, Richard Furnstahl, Beverly Hartline, Edward Haugland, Theodore Hodapp, Julia Wang-Ping Hsu, Mark Hybertsen, Marc Kastner, Hyun-Tak Kim, Robert Knepper, Chun Ning Lau, Sadamichi Maekawa, Martin Maltz, James McGroddy, Ernest Moniz, Benjamin Ocko, Teri Odom, David Platts, Helen and Dan Quinn, Zhifeng Ren, Elsa Garmire and Bob Russell, Myriam Sarachik, S.R. Seshadri, Mary Shoaf, Barbara Shrauner, Lorraine Solomon, Edwin Thomas, Gordon Thomas, Joshua Veazey, Robert Wheeler, Qihua Xiong, Nai-Chang Yeh

$500.00 - $999.00
Julie Kim-Zajonz and Robert Benward, Donald S. and Ann Bethune, Dennis Clougherty, Morrel Cohen, Marla Dowell, Elizabeth Dussan, Haiyan Gao, Laura Greene, Shengxi Huang, Roger Kirby, Thomas Mallouk, Hope Michelsen, Julia Phillips, Daniel Rugar, George Schmiedeshoff, Joseph Serene, Frieda Stahl, Stephen Steadman, James Stith, Howard Stone, Mary Ann Sweeney, Thomas Timusk, Sophie Vandebroek, Marion White

Up to $499.00
Anonymous (21), Mario Affatigato, Christine Aidala, D. James Baker, Elizabeth Bartosz, Laura Biedermann, Brian Schwartz and Teri Black, Aviva Brecher, Keith Burrell, Kathryn Butler, Janice Button-Shafer, David Campbell, Liz Dart Caron, Thomas Carruthers, Shuo Chen, Jolie Cizewski, S. Lance Cooper, Gail Elizabeth Dodge, Carl Dresselhaus, James Egan, Roger Falcone, Joe Feldman, Heidi Fencl, Amy Flatten, Valeriy Ginzburg, Evan Golden, Robert Gottschall, Steven Greenbaum, Lisa Hall, Richard Harris, Raphael Hermann, Timothy Hobbs, Jean-Francois Van Huele, Alan Hurd, Christopher Jarzynski, Peter Johnson, William Fawley and Tekoa King, Rajeswari Kolagani, Rikio Konno, Robert Krasny, Dan Kulp, Kristine Lang, Daniel Lathrop, Margaret Law, Anthony Leggett, Barbara Levi, Yan Li, Rulon Linford, Andrea Jo-Wei Liu, Marie Lopez del Puerto, Irene Lukoff, Yunqiu (Kelly) Luo, Phoebe McClincy, Michael McDaniel, Mariam Mehter, Kristin Merrill, Jay Morreale, Eduardo Mucciolo, John Muenter, Charles Nelson, William Parker, Melissa Pasquinelli, Daniel Prober, Jennifer Pursley, Talat Rahman, Randy Rannow, Robert Redwine, Stephen Richter, David Rudman, Nitin Samarth, Kate Scholberg, Andrew Schwartz, David Sellmyer, Jeffrey Shainline, Donald Shapero, Jeffrey Shapiro, Meng-Ju Sher, Li Shi, Ernst Sichtermann, Webster Smith, Peter Somssich, Srikanth Srinivasan, Frank Stern, Paul Stradins, Alan Strauss, Matthew C. Sullivan, David Sward, Erin Teich, Reshef Tenne, Michael F. Toney, John Tranquada, Andre-Marie Tremblay, Virginia Trimble, David Vanderbilt, Pieter Visscher, Jenna Walrath, Mike Williams, Herman Winick, Ronggui Yang, Peter Young, Xu Zhang

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