Max Delbrück Prize in Biological Physics

The Max Delbrück Prize in Biological Physics is an annual award that recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement in biological physics research. The prize, originally named the Biological Physics Prize, was established in 1981 by friends of the Division of Biological Physics (DBIO). In 2008, the prize was officially renamed to honor German-American biophysicist Max Delbrück.

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The Division of Biological Physics is conducting this campaign in order to continue awarding the Max Delbrück Prize on an annual basis.

Please help support and honor the growing interest in the physical principles and mechanisms by which living organisms survive, adapt, and grow by donating today.

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Make your check payable to the American Physical Society. Please note "Delbrück Prize" in memo. Mail to:

Kevin Kase
Director of Development
American Physical Society
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About Max Delbrück

Max DelbrückMax Delbrück was a German-American biophysicist who pioneered the study of molecular genetics and helped first spur physicists interest in biology. Learn more about Max Delbrück on the Nobel Prize website.

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