Nanocanyons in Multilayer Laue Lenses

The "canyons" in this image are much smaller than you might think. This red-rock landscape is actually an electron microscopic view of the engineering behind precision multilayer Laue lenses (MLL) at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Using MLLs, scientists can focus x-rays to produce high intensity beams. Completed MLLs reveal the structural details of tiny objects with huge impacts, such as nanocatalysts that help drive sustainable energy innovations.  The lenses will also achieve new realms of brightness — 10,000 times brighter than their predecessors.
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Laue lens canyons
Image Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory A scanning electron microscope captured this view from the bottom of a trench carved by reactive ion etching, one of the methods of preparing these high-precision optics. Completed MLLs will be installed at the upcoming National Synchrotron Light Source II at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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