Quartz Liner Tube Inside Tube Furnace

At the Semiconductor Materials and Radiological Technologies (SMART) Laboratory at Kansas State University, this high temperature resistance-heated tube furnace is used for the oxidation or doping of silicon wafers. The silicon wafers are then used to fabricate one-dimensional, high efficiency thermal neutron detection diode arrays for neutron scattering experiments at the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This image shows the quartz liner tube inside the tube furnace heated to 1150 degrees Celsius in the Class 1000 clean room. At this temperature, thermal radiation is clearly visible by its bright orange glow.

This project is overseen by Dr. Douglas McGregor; collaborators include Dr. Phil Ugorowski, Walter McNeil, Steven Bellinger, Fernando Sierra, and Adam Streit, all of Kansas State University SMART Lab.

Quartz Liner Tube inside Tube Furnace

Image credit:  Mark Harrison/Kansas State University

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