Reaffirming APS Values

Dear APS Member,

In the wake of our recent U.S. election, we believe that it is timely for us to reiterate that the American Physical Society remains unwavering in its commitment to full participation by everyone — regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, or political affiliation — to ensure that our discipline as well as our Society thrives.

We believe that the values that advance the physical sciences necessarily include open scientific discourse, free from discrimination and harassment, and a willingness to consider diverse points of view. We also maintain that our meetings, laboratories, and classrooms must be safe, collaborative environments that promote a collegial and inclusive atmosphere. The diversity of backgrounds that exists throughout the APS membership and the open dialogue fostered by APS journals and meetings are among our greatest strengths.

The Society has spent decades developing and advancing programs that support these values. APS values are embodied in our Statements and our Code of Conduct. They are evident in our advocacy for robust, diverse research programs within the U.S. and abroad. They are supported by our commitment to STEM education and broad science literacy.

APS will work with its members and the international scientific community to ensure that the core values of our Society and our discipline are maintained and advanced, and we will work to transmit to the incoming administration and Congress an understanding of the critical importance these values have for our members and the physics community worldwide.

With best regards,

Homer A. Neal
Homer A. Neal, 2016 APS President


Kate P. Kirby
Kate P. Kirby, APS Chief Executive Officer