APS Task Force on Countering Terrorism

Members of the APS Task Force on Countering Terrorism have prepared a series of brief white papers on technologies that fall within the broad topical areas of Sensors, Materials, and Data Systems. Below is the complete list of those papers. It is the hope of the Task Force that APS members will seriously consider ways in which they might contribute to the research areas that are outlined in these articles.
Addressing Nuclear and Radiological Terrorist Threats
By M. Goldman
Bio-Inspired Sensors
By Paul Wolf
Bio-Surveillance Systems
By Beverly K. Hartline and Darrell Chandler
Chemical and Explosives Detection
By Mark Coffey
Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies for Container and Vehicle Inspection
By A.D. Romig
Protection and Decontamination of Surfaces
By L.C. Feldman
Single Molecule Sensors
By Harold Craighead
Swarm Intelligence
By Gerard P. Gilfoyle