Correspondence with Japanese Physics Societies

President Barry Barish, March 2011

Barry Barrish

Barry Barish
APS President 2011

Disasters in Japan

Following the combined disasters of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami March 11, 2011, APS President Barry Barish sent letters to representatives of the Japanese Society of Applied Physics and the Physical Society of Japan.  The letter to the Japanese Society of Applied Physics is below.

Sending Condolences and Support

14 March 2011

On behalf of the American Physical Society (APS), I would like to convey our deepest care and sympathy to the citizens of Japan and the Japan Society of Applied Physics for the tragedy that your country has suffered as a result of the earthquake and tsunami last week. We are saddened by the loss of lives and the extent of the devastation. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by this tragic event.

Along with our condolences for the loss of life and property, we share your concerns over the impact on your scientific community and facilities. We hope that our fellow scientists and their families are safe.

We join our colleagues worldwide in extending our sympathies to the Japanese people and the Japanese scientific community. Please know that the members of the American Physical Society are with you during this difficult time.

Barry Barish

Response from Japanese Physical Societies

Donations for Japan's Disaster 
21 March 2011

We, the Physical Society of Japan and the JPSJ deeply appreciate your encouragement.  We are welcome your donation to the relief and recovery from Japan's disaster in March 2011.  To promote this as well as to avoid currency exchange problem, we propose your donation to be through any of the authorized organizations of donation of your own country or any.  Through the website "your country’s Red Cross" is an example. You can also gain tax saving sometime.

However, to share your warm sympathy in the world-wide physics community, we are willing to memorize your record of donation notified by your e-mail with your message, which will sure to encourage the members of Physical Society of Japan and people around us.

To achieve this;

  1. Send e-mail to the following address:
  2. With the e-mail subject: "donation Japan disaster (with your name)"
  3. In the text please note in order,
    1. Your name or Group name
    2. Your e-mail address (In case of group, please note the representative one.)
    3. Institution/affiliation
    4. Country
    5. Donated values (This is for our memory, neither for disclosure nor competition.)
    6. Through what organization of donation you did? For example, "your country’s Red Cross", etc.
    7. Date of donation
    8. Your message (option, but welcome)
    9. Can your message be shown on our site with your name? (Yes/No)

  4. You might repeat your donation or through other channel again, do not hesitate to send us again. In this case, to avoid confusion on our side, please note as follows.
    1. Your name or Group name (##th time) and continue as above. 

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

The Physical Society of Japan  (English website: temporarily closed for this disaster)
    Shinbashi 5-34-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004, Japan
    TEL: +81-3-3434-2671  FAX: +81-3-3432-0097

Journal of The Physical Society of Japan  (
    Editorial Office: Yushima 2-31-22, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan
    TEL: +81-3-5844-3293  FAX: +81-3-5844-3290

Original Letter from Japanese Societies
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