Gail McLaughlin

North Carolina State University

Biographical SummaryGail McLaughlin

Gail McLaughlin received her A.B. In physics from Princeton University in 1991 and her PhD from University of California San Diego in 1996.  After graduation, she held postdoctoral appointments at the University of Washington and at TRIUMF.  She joined the faculty of the Department of Physics at North Carolina State University in 2001.

McLaughlin has made contributions to the fields of theoretical nuclear physics and astrophysics.  She has studied element synthesis in a variety of astrophysical environments along with the connection to radio-active beam experiments.  Her second area of expertise is neutrino physics, where she studies the neutrino scattering and flavor transformation.

McLaughlin is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.  She currently serves on the Editorial Board for Journal of Physics G and chairs the Advisory Committee for the Institute for Nuclear Theory. She has been a member of the Program Committee, Executive Committee and Fellowship Committee of Division of Nuclear Physics, and the Nominating Committee for the Division of Astrophysics.

Candidate's Statement

Support for basic sciences is facing significant challenges, and physicists need to find ways to effectively communicate the excitement of doing science, and the benefits of basic science to the economic well-being of the nation. We have to convey this message to both the public at large, and to policy makers in the federal and state governments.

An important aspect of communicating science to the broader public is to show that the physics community represents the full diversity of our society, and that physics programs and professional societies provide a welcoming and nurturing environment to everyone, irrespective of race, gender, and socioeconomic background.

As general councilor of the American Physical Society I hope to advance our efforts in these directions in addition to supporting the broader goals of the APS.

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