Stopping APS Emails from Going to Your Spam Folder

Prevent APS general information and voting emails from going to your SPAM folder or being blocked.

To prevent SPAM, some email systems can be very restrictive on what gets through to your inbox. If you having trouble receiving APS emails, please follow the steps below to allow our emails. If you don't want to receive certain APS emails, you can manage your preferences here.

  1. Check your SPAM folder. If you see a message that isn't SPAM, mark it as such and move it to your inbox. This lets the system know that it is safe and future emails should be delivered directly to your inbox. In Gmail, you may need to check your promotions and social folders, as well.
  2. Make APS a Contact. Add and as a saved contact or add them to your email address book.
  3. Set APS up as a safe sender by requesting your IT department to allow APS sending IP and domain.

Gmail - Click on the gear symbol at the top right and choose Settings. At the top, click on Filters and Blocked Addresses and create a new filter. Add, to the From field. Click on "Never send to SPAM" and Create Filter.

Outlook - At the top right, click on the gear icon and choose Options. Click on Preventing Junk and then Safe and Blocked Senders. Add and, click on Add to list, and choose Safe Senders.

Contact your IT Department or Network Administrator - You may not have access to some of your email filters and may need to ask for support.

If you continue to have problems receiving APS emails, please contact or for assistance.

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