Past Chairs

Katherine Prestridge
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chair 2014

Susan Blessing
Florida State University
Chair 2013

Senta Victoria Greene
Vanderbilt University
Chair 2012

Kawtar Hafidi
Argonne National Laboratory
Chair 2011

Lidija Sekaric
Department of Energy
Chair 2010

Mary Hall Reno
Univ of Iowa
Chair 2009

Catherine Fiore
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chair 2008

Nora Berrah
Western Michigan University
Chair 2007

Sherry Yennello
Texas A&M
Chair 2006

Aihua Xie
Oklahoma State University
Chair 2005

Margaret Murnane
Chair 2004

Dongqi Li
Argonne National Lab
Chair 2003

Barbara Jones
IBM Almaden
Chair 2002

Alice White
Bell Labs-Lucent
Chair 2001

Beverly Berger
Oakland University
Chair 2000

Marjorie Olmstead
University of Washington
Chair 1999

Peggy Cebe
Tufts University
Chair 1998

Laurie McNeil
University of North Carolina
Chair 1997
Chair 1996

Beverly Hartline
Argonne National Lab
Chair 1995

Luz Martinez-Mirandez
University of Maryland
Chair 1994

Bunny Clark
Ohio State University
Chair 1993
Chair 1992

Mildred Dresselhaus
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chair 1991
Chair 1990