Finance Committee

The Board shall create a Finance Committee consisting of the Treasurer (who shall be the Chair of the Committee), the President-Elect, and such other Directors as the Board may specify. The Finance Committee shall oversee the budget process and shall oversee the Society's investments and financial affairs.

The Finance Committee consists of the Treasurer, as chair, the President-Elect, the Vice-President, the CEO (ex-officio, non-voting) and three (3) other members of the Board appointed by the President-Elect to serve staggered three (3) year terms. It will meet at least two (2) times per year to (a) review the year over year financial operations of the society, (b) review and propose to the Board for approval the following year's budget including the total compensation budget for the staff, (c) review the financial strategy and performance of the society, and (d) with the advice of the Investment Committee, review the investment strategy and performance of the society.

The Finance Committee meets with the officers of the Society during the initial budget planning process to establish overall goals and objectives for the next fiscal year and again as the budget is in the final stages of preparation. The Finance Committee provides the CEO with strategic guidance and with critical consideration of fundamental budget assumptions. The Treasurer, as Chair of the Finance Committee, will bring the proposed budget to the Board for approval.

Chair (Treasurer): James N Hollenhorst (01/16 - 12/18)
Agilent Technologies

President-Elect: David Gross (01/18 - 12/18)
Univ of California - Santa Barbara

Vice President: Philip Howard Bucksbaum (01/18 - 12/18)
SLAC - Natl Accelerator Lab

Member: John Bradley Marston (01/17 - 12/19)
Brown Univ

Member: Marta Losada (01/18 - 12/20)

Member: Timothy J Gay (01/16 - 12/18)
Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln

Chief Executive Officer
Kate Kirby

Chief Financial Officer
Margaret Bandera

Director of Finance and Controller
Michael Stephens

Committee Administrator
Leah Bullis