APS Underscores its Commitment to Scientific Mobility Given the Recent Executive Order on Immigration

In response to recent U.S. executive order on immigration, APS wants to underscore its commitment to the mobility of scientists and open scientific exchange. APS believes these are essential for a successful global scientific enterprise. This commitment is evidenced by previous APS statements and a recent letter to APS members from APS President Laura Greene and CEO Kate Kirby.

APS recognizes the real and potential effects the order can have on our community and the negative message it sends to our colleagues around the world. While the Society cannot intervene in individual situations, we invite colleagues who have been affected by the executive order to share their stories with us. Information can be sent to International@aps.org. (This information will only be used for statistical purposes and will be kept private.) APS recommends that people who are affected work closely with their institution’s international or human resources office. For other visa related issues, please visit the Society’s visa website.  

Please know that APS continues to monitor this situation and will strive to uphold the principles that foster forefront science.