Hints for Meeting Hosts


This set of hints for upcoming Ohio-Region Section / American Physical Society (OS/APS) meeting hosts has been modified and edited many times over the past 20 years. The present form represents a many-times-updated version of an excellent compilation by Dr. Glenn Julian of Miami University in 1980. Dr. Julian's list was based on the "worry list" for the local committees for his 1977 meeting at Miami, and on previously distributed suggestions compiled by Dr. Perry Yaney of the University of Dayton in the 1970's ("How to Prepare for an OS/APS Meeting or How to Plan 24 Hours of High Entropy"). Not all comments will apply in every case and the list of hints is meant to be neither all inclusive nor restrictive. The list is meant to suggest several items to be considered as you prepare to host a meeting at your institution. This document was thoroughly edited and updated by James Schneider, and reviewed and approved by the OS/APS Executive Committee members at their meeting in Cleveland on October 12, 1984; subsequent additions and editorial changes have been made annually by the OS/APS Executive Committee to reflect changes in policy or to incorporate suggestions from recent local committee chairs.

Ron Stoner, (OS/APS Chair 1986-87)
Bob Boughton, (OS/APS Chair 1992-93)
Bowling Green State University

Summary Checklist

Two - Four Years in Advance of the Meetingmore information
Schedule the Meeting

18 Months - 1 Year In Advancemore information
Have Dates Approved
Appoint Local Meeting Chairperson
Consider Financial Matters
Arrange Meeting Rooms

One Year - Six Months In Advancemore information
Refine Symposium Topic and Confirm Invited Speakers
Have Announcement Published In The APS Bulletin

Six Months To Three Months In Advancemore information
Prepare Advanced Registration Form
Prepare Preliminary Announcements
Appoint Local Committees:

  • Printing and Mailing
  • Final Program / Contributed Paper Abstracts
  • Session Chairpersons
  • Speaker Hosts
  • Publicity
  • Invitation
  • Secretarial Assistance
  • Executive Committee Meeting and Luncheon
  • Refreshments
  • Social Hour
  • Co-Sponsors
  • Banquet
  • Clean Up
  • Student Activities
  • Open House
  • Registration
  • Motels
  • Parking
  • Signs and Maps
  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Building Maintenance

Three - Four Months In Advance   — more information
Mail Preliminary Announcements
Check Progress of Local Committee Tasks

Two Months In Advance   — more information
Mail Program Summary and Call For Contributed Papers
Make Certain Committees Are Functioning Well

Two Weeks In Advance   — more information
(Optional) Final Mailing (First Class Only)

After The Meeting   — more information
Submit Data and Abstracts of Papers
Submit Final Report
Relax - It's Over