Topical Group on Soft Matter

Soft Matter is a highly interdisciplinary field involving scientists, mathematicians and engineers and is one of the fastest growing areas of research today. Soft matter unites a broad class of physical states ranging from colloids and micelles to biological and granular matter that are easily deformed by external stresses. These materials share a common feature in that predominant physical behaviors occur at energy scales comparable with thermal energy and quantum aspects that are typically unimportant. Self-assembly, non-equilibrium, driven/active matter, frustration, topology and folding are just a few of the many diverse topics addressed by soft matter researchers.

A 2015 Physics Today article by Randall Kamien outlines GSOFT and the wide scope of soft matter in more detail. Also, Sharon Glotzer wrote an editorial in Physical Review Letters on soft matter in February 2015 that sheds light on the history of soft matter.

GSOFT has close scientific links with a number of other APS subject units, including DPOLY (Polymer Physics), DBIO (Biological Physics), DFD (Fluid Dynamics), and GSNP (Statistical and Non-Linear Physics).

Chair: M. Cristina Marchetti (
Secretary/Treasurer: Peter Olmsted (

Membership Drive

GSOFT brochure cover imagePlease spread the news about GSOFT and encourage soft matter scientists, young and old, to become members. Our pdf brochure can be circulated easily and posted in your research laboratory. We are particularly eager to have new younger members (PhD students, post-docs, and even undergraduates).
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News & Announcements

GSOFT Short Course
GSOFT is pleased to announce the Second Annual GSOFT Short Course, to be held just before the March Meeting.
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GSOFT Early Career Award
The 2017 GSOFT Early Career Award jointly recognizes Pedro Reis and Chris Santangelo for their role in advancing the field of extreme mechanics of soft materials.
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GSOFT Travel Grants
GSOFT will award several travel grants of up to $500 per student as the first author of contributed oral presentations in sessions sponsored by GSOFT at the APS March Meeting.
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GSOFT Election Results
Erik Luijten (Northwestern University) will be the new GSOFT Vice Chair, while Linda Hirst (University of California, Merced) and Jasna Bruijic (New York University) have been elected as the new Members-at-Large. The following distinguished scientists were elected as APS GSOFT Fellows: Haim Diamant, O Lavrentovich, and Thomas Truskett.

See Past-Chair Sharon Glotzer talk about GSOFT and Soft Matter at the APS March Meeting 2015 in San Antonio.
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