Conference Support

GSNP Grant for Conference/Workshop Support

The Topical Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP) of the American Physical Society announces a new grant opportunity of up to $1500 per award to support travel costs of conference and workshop attendees. The individual who submits the grant application must be a primary organizer of the conference/workshop and a GSNP member. The due date for applications is Friday, February 27, 2015. Awards will be announced shortly after the March Meeting 2015. GSNP funding should be acknowledged on the conference/workshop website and speaker/participant invitations.

The applications should not exceed 5 pages and include the following as a single .pdf file:
  1. Title, location, and dates of the meeting
  2. Contact information of the conference organizer submitting the application including address, email, and phone number.
  3. Names of co-organizers of the conference/workshop and their GSNP membership status
  4. List of conference/workshop topics
  5. List of invited speakers and their affiliations
  6. Recent meetings on similar subjects
  7. Proposed budget
  8. Statement of the need for conference/workshop support
  9. Describe benefits to GSNP

Email completed applications to