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Cory, David [2015]
University of Waterloo
Citation: For pioneering one of the first demonstrations of a quantum computer using magnetic moments of nuclei as quantum bits and identifying new industrial applications in medicine, oil exploration and pharmaceuticals.

Englert, Berge [2015]
National University of Singapore
Citation: For distinctive theoretical contributions to the foundations, interpretation, and applications of quantum mechanics.

Nemoto, Kae [2015]
National Institute of Informatics
Citation: For pioneering the theory for quantum optical implementations of quantum information processing and communication.

Tahan, Charles [2015]
Lab for Physical Sciences
Citation: For important contributions to the field of quantum information science, including theoretical work advancing the experimental development of silicon quantum computers and proposing new quantum devices in the solid state.

Walther, Philip [2015]
No Company Provided
Citation: For outstanding achievements in experimental quantum information, quantum optics, and quantum photonics; including the first realization of privacy-preserving quantum cloud computing and the first experimental verification of a quantum computation.