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Kendrick, Hugh [2016]

Citation: For original technical innovations in nuclear materials safeguards, security, and nonproliferation; and for policymaking in national security and the environment.

Lowenthal, Micah [2016]
National Academies of Science
Citation: For leadership to establish constructive dialogue between U.S. scientists and their counterparts in Russia, China, India, and other countries regarding technical cooperation on nuclear arms control and nonproliferation.

Stassun, Keivan [2016]
Vanderbilt University
Citation: For helping to substantially increase Ph.D. attainment in physics and astronomy for underrepresented minorities, and for fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of young stars and brown dwarfs.

Trebes, James E. [2016]
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions in laser physics and the application of physics to other disciplines, for leadership in multiple national security areas, and for contributions to education in the sciences and engineering.