Matching Membership Program

In 1983, the American Physical Society established the Matching Membership Program in order to make APS membership available to physicists living in developing and hard-currency-poor countries. Through the Matching Membership Program, individuals residing in eligible countries may apply for a reduced-cost membership (Matching Membership). Matching Membership is available in one of two categories:

A half-price membership will be available for those who have an individual or institution who will sponsor them and provide payment. Members at this level can subscribe to a maximum of one (1) journal at member rates and register for APS meetings at member rates, in addition to receiving APS News and Physics Today. Membership will be renewed on a yearly basis via invoice. A maximum term of six (6) years' participation in this reduced-cost program will afford other colleagues the opportunity to participate.

A graduated, reduced-cost membership beginning at 20% of the full membership rate in the first year is available to individuals on a limited basis. Applicants who are unable to pay and who do not have a sponsor may request APS support. No journal privileges are included*, but members in this category will receive APS News and Physics Today and can register for APS meetings at member rates. In each of the next three (3) years, membership dues will increase by 10%. Upon reaching 50% in the fourth year, a maximum of one (1) journal is available at member rates. This, too, is a maximum six-year reduced-cost membership, which must be renewed annually.

As mentioned, each member sponsored through this Program may participate for no more than six (6) years in order to accommodate as many physicists as possible. At the completion of the six-year term, all participants will be billed at full member rates. Enrollment in this Program is limited to 1.5% of the current membership level.

For related information see the APS Special Membership Options or contact the APS Membership Department at 301-209-3280 or

*Members who have difficulty accessing APS journals may apply to APS International Affairs to enroll their institutional libraries in the APS Journal Outreach Program.