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Apollinari, Giorgio [2016]
Citation: For his successful efforts in organizing international technical collaborations on development and construction of elements for detectors and accelerators, and for his leadership in sharing technologies and learned lessons across the field of high energy physics throughout the world.

Bertolucci, Sergio [2016]
INFN-Frascati Rome
Citation: For outstanding leadership in large international collaborations in high energy physics, including the formation of the global effort for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment, and many roles at CERN including director of research and scientific computing during the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Darve, Christine [2016]
European Spallation Source
Citation: For sustained contribution to specification, design, construction, and operation of critical components of superconducting linear accelerators, and for leadership in expanding the reach of physics and educational outreach and dissemination of knowledge generated through large scale science facilities around the world.

Dissertori, Günther [2016]
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Citation: For pioneering work in quantum chromodynamics measurements in colliders, leadership in the discovery of the Higgs boson, and enabling searches for new physics at the Large Hadron Collider, as well as his effective efforts to promote international collaboration and help smaller countries develop exchanges for vibrant physics research.

Scandolo, Sandro [2016]
International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Citation: For tireless promotion of young scientists, research in Africa and less developed countries, and decisive knowledge of the physics of high pressure systems and of solid surfaces.

Takeuchi, Noboru [2016]
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Citation: For research on metallic and semiconductor surfaces and their modification with the deposit of atoms and molecules, and for work in the communication and teaching of physics in Latin America, with special attention to indigenous communities.