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Greenslade, Thomas [2015]
Kenyon College
Citation: For decades of work collecting historically interesting physics textbooks, demonstrations and laboratory apparatus, and for providing a unique historical resource to the physics community by exhibits, photos, and explanations of apparatus, their origins, and their uses.

Hunt, Bruce [2015]
University of Texas, Austin
Citation: For groundbreaking work on the history of electromagnetism in the nineteenth century and the relationship between physics and technology.

Neuenschwander, Dwight [2015]
Southern Nazarene University
Citation: For demonstrating the importance of history of physics both in the education and inspiration of science students and in outreach to the general community.

Staley, Richard [2015]
University of Cambridge
Citation: For multifaceted historical works on how the early community of theoretical and experimental physicists developed relativity physics, and for outstanding analysis of the career of Albert Michelson.