About Nominating Invited Speakers

Nominations for Invited Talk Postdeadline Papers

Nomination Deadline: Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 11:59 p.m. EDT
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Eligible Nominees

Only speakers who have not given an invited talk at the previous two DPP annual meetings are eligible for nomination. Repeat tutorial speakers may be allowed under exceptional circumstances.
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Questions? Please email inquiries regarding nomination subjects and content to Saralyn Stewart, DPP Administrator

A few slots have been set aside for invited talk postdeadline papers of late-breaking important scientific results to be presented on Friday morning, November 4. Speaker eligibility is the same as for a regular invited talk. The DPP Program Committee will accept nominations for new research material that was not available at the time of the regular invited talk nominations in May via the online nomination form.

Speakers who are selected for invited talk postdeadline papers will be emailed a letter of invitation to speak by Friday, September 4. The letter will include the web address for invited abstract online submission. Invited speakers should refer to their invitation letter for complete submission instructions.