Division of Polymer Physics

The Division of Polymer Physics focuses on the physics of natural and synthetic macromolecular substances.

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Congratulations to Our Newest APS Fellows

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Congratulations to New Prize & Award Recipients

2018 John H. Dillon Medal
Bradley D. Olsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2018 Polymer Physics Prize
Juan J. de Pablo, University of Chicago

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Prize & Award Recipients

Juan de PabloPolymer Physics Prize:

Juan J. de Pablo, University of Chicago

"For his innovative models and algorithms for the simulation of macromolecular systems."



Bradley OlsenJohn H. Dillon Medal:

Bradley D. Olsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"For significantly expanding our understanding of the physics of polymers, including the self-assembly of block copolymers incorporating a fully folded protein, the influence of polymer shape on diffusion; for engineering novel gels; and for updating the theory of the modulus of a network."

Frank J. Padden, Jr. Award

Yue Zhang 2017 winnerYue Zhang, University of Science and Technology of China






Andrew ParnellAndrew Parnell, University of Sheffield