Education & Outreach

From Websites to lab-sponsored activities and contact information, there is a wealth of resources to further your educational efforts. Check out the listings below, and contact us if you have any suggestions for additional information we should include on this page.

Talk Database

Excel Database for talks contributed by DPF members for a variety of audiences.

List of Talks and/or Streaming Video


Physics Demos Sites

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
University of Maryland
Michigan State University
Physics on the Road Workshop
(in the APS FEd Spring 2003 Newsletter)
Physics Demonstration Resources Online
University of Texas list of university demo websites
The Little Shop of Physics
Colorado State outreach program
Michigan State University
Lecture demonstrations, both graphical and text-based interfaces
Michigan State University
Science Theater demonstrations
University of California Santa Cruz
Human Tesla Coil goes to schools
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Physics Van, a traveling demonstration show for kids
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Lecture demonstration database
University of Maryland
Lecture-Demonstration Facility - services for faculty
University of Virginia
Physics Phun, a traveling demonstration show for kids 
  HEP Lab Education Contacts

Brookhaven Science Education
CERN Education Project Website
LEPP Outreach and Education Website
Arbeiten und Lernen Website
Fermilab Education Office Website
SLAC Education Information Website
JLab Science Education Website

Education Websites at DOE Labs and Facilities
European Particle Physics Outreach Group

Particle Physics Activities & Resources

CPEP List of HEP Education Sites
Online Physics Activities Using Fermilab Data
HEP Education and Outreach Database
The Particle Adventure
More Links


Physics Education and Outreach Workshop Report (DPF co-sponsored, Summer 2005)

Tips for Getting Involved

Resources for Program Development
Tips on Giving Public Lectures

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