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Belomestnykh, Sergey [2015]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the science and technology of RF and superconducting RF in beam physics.

Huang, Zhirong [2015]
SLAC - National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the theoretical development and experimental verification of high-gain x-ray free-electron lasers operating as seeded and SASE amplifiers.

Nguyen, Dinh [2015]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For an outstanding record of innovation and contribution to the initial development of high-brightness photo-injectors, early experimental validation of self-amplified spontaneous-emission theory, and high average current injectors.

Poelker, Matthew [2015]
Jefferson Laboratory
Citation: For sustained and transformative work on the development of polarized electron beams, opening new vistas in their application to nuclear and particle physics experiments at the frontiers of knowledge.

Willeke, Ferdinand [2015]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For pioneering contributions advancing the physics of beams and scientific research, by leading the design and construction of frontier accelerator facilities and providing valuable advice to many accelerator facilities worldwide.