Past Executive Committees

The Division of Materials Physics was originally recognized in 1984 as a Topical Group and established as a Division of the American Physical Society in 1990. The Chair of the Division is elected to the position of Vice Chair and automatically becomes Chair Elect and then Chair in successive years. A list of all officers from past to present follows:

Chair Secretary-Treasurer
1985-1986 R.M. Thomson
1986-1987 F.W. Young
1987-1988 S.C. Moss
1988-1989 B.R. Appleton
1989-1990 J. Silcox
1990-1991 S.T. Picraux
1991-1992 J.M. Poate
1992-1993 F.A. Spaepen
1993-1994 H.R. Birnbaum
1994-1995 P. Peercy
1995-1996 J.M. Gibson
1996-1997 G.S. Cargill III
1997-1998 J.B. Roberto
1998-1999 J. W. Davenport
1999-2000 F. Hellman
2000-2001 P. Mooney
2001-2002 L.C. Feldman
2002-2003 D.B. McWhan
2003-2004 J. R. Chelikowsky
2004-2005 S.D. Bader
2005-2006 L.A. Boatner
2006-2007 D. Vanderbilt
2007-2008 J.W. Lynn
1984-1986 N.L. Peterson
1986-1990 R.M. Thomson
1990-1993 F. Young
1993-1996 S.C. Moss
1996-2002 S.D. Bader
2002-2008 T.L. Einstein